A Dream I had recently in the second week of October 2023.

Greetings to first time visitors to my website. As you can tell I am not too active on it but this dream was very short but definitely a mindblower.

Now the first week of October in the news was horrific. Hamas government and militants instigated a surprise attack on the Southern border of Israel near the Gaza strip. I read about the – Kibbutz Re’im those community residents in that vicinity that were suddenly being massacred.

About three miles from Gaza, Israeli rescue workers discovered more than 100 bodies from that Kibbutz population. That was when it first happened. Now they discovered more. They attacked a music festival, killing at least 260 people and abducting others. Even as i write this there are many other hostages being held. But as of this January 1200.

God has his ways of pulling us in for prayer and it seems for many including my self he sends me a dream.

In the dream a mighty looking angel is standing in my room at the bottom of my bed.

He is very tall man and beautiful . I say man cause i have never seen an angel. I say no wings or weapons. But instinctively i knew it was an angel. I felt peace and no fear. He stood there for a minute and then walked around to my side of the bed. I still felt no fear. He spoke no words. Then he knelt down on his right knee. His hands were to his side, but his face leaned in closer to my face…like he was going to speak to me. His eyes were staring at mine. He was serious but not angry. His visit seemed urgent.

Now what puzzled me besides no words was his glorious chest. It looked like armor. Heavenly armor. The platelets within his chest seemed kind of embedded. In between the platelets of armor one could see glorious holy light emanating outward. I watched the glowing piercing light coming out. I could tell that light protected him. I know the power source was Jesus who is the light of the world.

Then i woke up. Now what was that about.

I knew a war was going on overseas but I also know all war effects the whole world negatively especially if we who are far away don’t do anything about it. I knew instinctively that angel was coming to me to tell me to pray.

That my dear friends , is a message for you and everyone on the planet. There is power in prayer and the church militant on earth have got to get that message.

Pray and fast for peace. Peace in our homes, communities, nation and the world.

Also God reminds us all things are possible..and Jesus said, before he went up to heaven…all

power has been given to me. Now I give you that power of prayer , if you pray according to my will and the teachings of the bible. Now with that armor on you YOU CAN EXERCISE GREAT FAITH BY PRAYING IN MY NAME.

Dear ones, we can send angels to help our families. We can pray and send angels to whisper in the ear of

our president, our officials in our neighborhoods or wherever there is danger. that includes foreign countries where there is war. Just pray as if you are praying for your kids or spouse. What would you want for them if they were under attack, physical or spiritual.

There are tons of books or internet sites on how to pray. But, start with the Lords Prayer. Psalms 23, 91 and check out and declare….2nd Chronicles 7:14. That’s a promise. and God doesn’t lie.

Recently Holy Spirit spoke to me. He said, try to paint what you saw. I said, why?

He said…”Hang it up wherever you go!” Then He told me more that when people ask, who painted that…you say, I did in order to help me remember that God commissions angels to help us in many ways. Tell the your niece and nephew too. When I get home, God willing, I show others too.

So that’s a new gift God is giving me to remember my dreams when it concerns faith, love and the bible. Pray for my gift of drawing and painting too. lol.

I am not very good at drawing but i’m trying to be obedient. Papa likes my paintings. After all all good daddies should make a fuss over their kids artwork. Right?

P.S. I’ll try to post my picture when its done.


Mama Lauren

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