The great ingathering or they great coming to the light gathering?

Dear Ones….They are coming! People are coming to us. Us meaning believers. Light your candles, your lighthouse flames, let your light shine…salt all your conversations and actions with God’s word…cause “they are coming.” They are the broken, the outcast, the lonely, the isolated, the separated, the brokenhearted, the seekers of truth, the questioners and the downcast of soul…They are coming to your work, your supermarket, your neighborhoods. They are coming hungry and thirsty for truth. Are you ready beloveds? Are your lamps lit so they can see you in the darkness. Are you salted and ready to add flavor  to others lives and situations…Can they see you YOU? Can they find you. Come out …come out where ever you are Body of Christ….BE READY!

 Are you ready with a message of hope…be ready dear ones…cause they need you. And this call is not just that strangers are coming…the body of Christ is coming…cause they are not getting enough in their life…for EVER REASON.

People get ready…THEY ARE COMING!


Mama Lauren

Three Dreams of Jesus Poem, by MamaMiaLove

December 30 , 2014

Three Dreams of Jesus

I had three dreams of Jesus
The first one by the Marriage Bed
Next one washed by a crystal sea.
The last one where I was a woman/child that played upon his knee, time goes so fast but I remember these dreams given to me.

In the first, I was a woman wanting His touch,
So lonely forgotten and needing so much.
He dressed me in a heavenly white gown
flowing with delicate cloth to the ground.

I passed through double doors into a room
With soft blazing light as he raised his arms to dim the glorious light,

It was the wedding chamber of my prince,
My husband to be. There were flowing window curtains and a bed with a canopy.

When I finally could see his face…I went to him to behold his embrace.
I dropped my shoulder sleeves to show him submission
He just smiled with the warmest expression.
As He was placing my sleeves back into place
And guiding me to a bench in the sweetest embrace, by the marriage bed we sat and gazed at each other instead.
Then he drew me across his knee and dipping me romantically into ecstasy.

The second dream I had I was guided up a dusty road- by angel I suppose.
There was someone walking behind…a figure I knew but a face I could not find.
At first I saw Jesus, on a grass so green
Preaching to the sick, the crippled, and unclean.
I passed Him by, only to find,
Myself within a white mausoleum:
Looking for love, for someone kind?
I was looking for him who my heart longed,
For him whom my heart loved in this room.
In this place I was looking for whom?
When I opened a coffin one corpse said,
“Why are you looking for the living… among the dead?”

Then suddenly I was at a crystal sea
With Jesus washing it’s water over me.
So meticulously he washed, scrubbing each part
Washing me clean right down to my heart.

And then just as quickly, bringing me back to that place,
I knew the man standing by the maseleum-i now see his face.
Jesus made me see, that this man could never love me like He should,
Then holding my face, oh so tenderly he would by…
Tipping his head and smiling at me…
sighed, “I will love you forever”
And in his eyes… I saw eternity.

And in one more dream
I’m going up first a stairway over a bridge,
through a wooden door to sit on a loving Jesus’ knee, cuddling and playing with his face and hair
like a toddler with glee.
There were others there with me
one by one having fun… with such familiarity.
I saw one close friend and just one more-
with childlike spirits coming through the door.

Each one sat upon his knee and played so gleefully.
This place I longed to stay- to dwell -but floating backward I could tell I could not abide.
For it was time to go… He did decide.
Oh, in His arms , oh in that place! I could not reside.

Now… I remember my heavenly father planned for me-through my life, three dreams to see.
For both the woman and child in me.
To live. To grow. To be.
This is the Father’s love for me.

To: Spiritual Prayer Warriors, Modern day Christ sent Prophets and those who Serve in the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus.

Greetings dear ones and holy embrazos to you all. Here in the States and abroad over the waters.

I want to talk to the Body of Christ. Those that have been faithfully serving and those that are about to…and those that are yet to be sent but want to.

Bless you and hugs to you from me Mama Lauren.

I know you have been suffering…i know you feel overwhelmed…but we must hold on…and pray for re-inforcements and for some rest.

Wait on the Lord…and he will make you rise up like an eagle…run and not be weary…

Many of you like me keep hitting brick walls as you begin a new ministry or goal for the Lord.

Many of you are stopped in your tracks.

Dont waste this time wondering…why…just ask him to reveal why?

Dont’ waste your sorrow or suffering…give it to the Lord…add it to his great cup of suffering…he will use it for those in the body of Christ that need strengthening, prayer. It will be like

your fast before him. Don’t waste your tears…give them all to him…he will turn your scars into stars as someone else has said.

If we suffer with him , we will reign with Him.

Nothing you do or go through with and for the Lord is waisted.

Even now i am hurting physically. I offer it up for the children in the world who have no hope…who’s parents are giving up…

the parents are not teaching them to hope or believe in miracles…we must do that…for them…we must pray for all Christian

families everywhere struggling to believe in miracles. Lets be salt and light to them in prayer first…then in action afterwards.

It is so obvious to me and I am sure to you that we need re-enforcements, rest and retreats from time to time…but now more than ever.

We  need Generals to fight the good fight of faith and spiritual action for as you know most of what we do in the Lord is on our knees in prayer…but if we are all to busy serving in the Church and outside in the highways and byways , there is no time to rest and regroup.

Please take time to rest dear ones…always alone in your prayer “closet,” or at silent retreats or retreats geared to regenerate , invigorate and re-charge your  spiritual muscles.

I like to think of an analogy of the land…there is physical land and spiritual land. There is spiritual land development to bless all communities for prosperity and freedom all over the world. And there is spiritual development of the entire body of Christ. Christians are suffering not just physically but they are exausted…cause others in the world are not on their knees praying and fasting…they are not out in the field feeding and clothing the naked and poor…they are not visiting the sick or those in prison…it seems i see in my own life the same people doing the same things over and over…this should not be so…new troops and re-enforcement should come in so the “ol” prayer warriors and holy doers can rest a bit. it doesn’t take much to get us back on our feet …but we need to take time to be with the Lord…or with a trusted seasoned few believers and friends we know and have been known by. We need the fellowship …yes but we need to listen and hear the Word of the Lord. The Word for this very hour. We need to hear from what others are hearing. Valuable prophetic men and women that are spending time fasting and praying…Come forth in the Name of the Lord…dear children of God…he has poured out his Spirit and he will keep pouring it out. Use your talents and gifts in the spiritual  rhelm…many of you you have done the physical for years…now use your supernatural ones, those through prayer are done. PRAYER AND FASTING IS THE KEY IN THIS HOUR FOR THE BODY OF CHRIST…

But it won’t happen unless you slow down and spend time resting in the Lord and with the Lord…hearing his Word.Its like a farmer who rotates his crops to get the best yield and quality. Its like a circle of sections in a field…each section is categorized for special plants. Other fields are rested cause they have been producing for over 7 years….they must not rest..and the farmer uses the other fields for a while. That is like the Body Of Christ…she must have times of rest too…and the farmer represents the General of an army…but in this case its a spiritual army for spiritual warfare, not against people…they are ignorant at times and innocent at others. But against the brutal evil invisible forces ST. Paul speaks of in Ephesians chapter 6.

And the body of Christ needs a vision! the bible says: ” …My people perish cause of lack of knowledge!” says the Lord.

Oh Lord send for your prophets, teachers, evangelists and Generals in the faith…we need them now oh Lord…thank you Abba Father, in Jesus Holy Name. Amen

I love you all…that are spending their lives loving others…i pray that you all experience Christ in a deeper and richer way each time you are alone with Him.

Blessings in Christ,




July 27, 2014 One of those nights when i couldn’t sleep…and was inspired to write: “Reveal”

How come we have such pride in what we are not inside?

It was grace that my heart was taught.

From the time I walked any time I sing,

it was God that showed  me everything.

You are all wisdom eternal,  try me Lord and see-

I cannot make up anything, unless it matched with your offering.


Try me and see if there is anything good in me…

For my  heart would not choose anything good,

the closest comes to when I care for the brotherhood

and my own young is where i see the little good in me.

I am powered by your grace- fueled by a love that would embrace

all of me, though I be such a foolish soul as me.

Now,  I repent and turn away of all those things that are made of clay-

away from things that make you frown:  that turn this world upside down.

Help me be your little lamb, pure in heart and pure in plan .

Let me be like you Lord- fully seen, fully poured out with joy,

laid out clean- like your newborn girl or boy.