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Album: “Love is the Answer” published in 2011 by Lauren Williamson on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon.com and New Single “Made in the Image of God” on  SOUNDCLOUD, just published in October of 2016. This last inspiration…excited me so much I finished the song literally in 20 minutes…and within a month…published it. I know you will like it. Look to your right on the side bar…and you will see Made in the Image of God.  Thanks. And big hugs, Mama Lauren.

Hi, 😎 I am MamaMiaLove…i have been on youtube since 2006 and just now am starting to add some new locals on my website. I have been working on a blog for a couple of months so now iam adding that on too.

I want to get people to think about things they may have overlooked in their life. Why? Cause of experience being the best teacher…hind sight twenty twenty….and because I am probably older than most of you…had three kids…five grandchildren, studied child development, taught pre-school many years, worked the twelve steps for dysfunctional families, been divorced, recoverd from divorce, danced, choregraphed, directed plays, volunteered for gobs of stuff, massaged for 10 professionally and now i am semi-retired. Twenty years ago went back to college to sing and write songs met my second husband there in class and started an adventure on the internet!  I have tons of videos like you and dedided to focus now on just writing songs that others may want to sing too…love Mama Lauren

Email Address for any questions about Album :  mamamialovesjesus@gmail.com


7 thoughts on “About MamaMiaLove

  1. Lauren,
    It was truly a pleasure to meet you at the Immaculle retreat, you are a vibrant spirit and funny too! Yes, you get it! Thank you soooo-oo very much for the beautiful CD…how kind of you to think of me! I am enjoying listening right now as I write this…very inspirational! I hope our paths cross again someday, stay safe and warm in Jesus’s arms! Pam Sasina

    • You are most welcome… I am still reeling from the gifts that I received that day. I am on a spiritual high of repentence and prayer…who would have thought repenting would bring me such joy and peace and truth.
      Lauren Williamson

  2. Hello Lauren,

    I met you yesterday at our Olive Oil Shop and must say, you felt instantly like a kindred spirit! Oh and my name is Lorraine, so close there too! lol

    I have been listening to the wonderful CD that you so generously gifted me yesterday and I am loving it. I am only about the 5th or 6th song in, but boy, what a talent you have!!! I am so impressed!!!

    I just wanted to send you a quick hello my friend and thank you so much! I am so pleased to have something so uplifting and lovely to listen to when I take my long drives to Stanford.

    Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and come back to Cambria soon!!! If I am ever not at the shop when you come visit, have Chuck call me and I will rush right down. We live under 10 minutes away and I wouldn’t want to miss your smiling face!!!

    I tried to email this to you, but it said invalid email. 🙁

    Oh and buon appetito!

    Ciao amico mio.

    • Hi Lorraine, Yes I felt very comfortable with you. Sorry, I haven’t checked my webpage in ages…Hope to go back to our same room up there. How is the flood and fire situation? Are you guys safe. I went through your oils and balsamic fast. I must order soon. But I was making sure that I acknowledged your lovely email. I think I contacted you last year somehow…I think I just called your shop and talked to your hubby.
      Anyway…I hope you are well.
      Lauren Williamson

  3. Hi Lauren

    This is Julliena Okah. Your email did not go. So I write in here.
    Thank you so much for your CD. I lover it. It’s a beautiful music.
    I am impressed for your talent and beautiful singing. You are great composer.

    I am so glad to met you, but sad to lose you from California.
    I will more look into your web after I published my book.
    But today I just want to say thank you and how much I enjoyed your music.
    You have a great God’s given talent.
    I am sure wherever you go, you will help people with your talent.



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