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Hello. If you have found my Faith and song card that i gave you. Good. If you opened my website link even better. I do want to leave some footprint behind for the better. Welcome to my world.

I am 77 years old and heading toward 80. What do I have to show for the fulfilling of my purpose on earth so far? I have set goals and failed to start or complete them. But one thing I know for sure for “…being confident of this that the one will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus!” Philippians 1:6.

Wow. I am leaning hard into that PROMISE! Thank you Lord.

I wanted to jump on my website and talk to you about something that has been on my mind.

Getting old can be hard physically but also mentally…not because of becoming forgetful and tired, but more so- because we have been around a long time and have seen a lot and sometimes can overwhelm us with how bad things are getting in the world. I have lived through birthing children, marriage, educational institutions, church involvement, dance and music performance, different ministries in and out of church settings, good and bad relationships, wars, rioting in the streets, disease, loss, overwhelming grief. But along with that list i have experiences so many moments of joy, elations, great surprises, wonderful revelations about life and God and tons of miracles small and huge ones!

I have so much to tell my family and friends of my real experiences, some of which may blow their mind and they might say…Mom never told me that! Wow.They will either be shocked…or elated. Either way i will be known. I now remember in heaven it says we will be known as we have been known(referring to earth).Woah, that may be a very good thing, a boring thing or a horrendous thing.

But we all need to leave a mark on the earth before we this lovely leave terra ferma. The earth is so incredible the way God created it. But man on the other hand has done some terrible things to it.

I now feel that I need to write my memoir.

I believe every parent or grandparent should leave behind a memoir for their kids. It can be in a loose leaf binder , a booklet or a book. It can be, hopefully, such a healing experience for them to read after we are gone. We all need to feel like we are part of something no matter how big or small, whether about our family, a career, a business you love, or working in someone else’s vision or dream goal or business. Maybe leaving this remembrance of your life can even a helpful positive roadmap for their future. If not for your kids or family. Leave it for the world…who are your extended human family.

Beloveds– start now. Keep a journal today.

Love, Lauren Williamson MamaMiaLove

Did I Have a Prophetic Dream?

On Christmas day 2019, I started feeling awful. The next day I had a terrible stomach ache.

I got very sick. No vomiting but just the runs. This lasted a week. Then my husband got it. Then it went

from the stomach to my whole body. Fatigue, fever sinus infection and no appetite. By now, it was beginning of Januray 2020.

My geriatric doctor said…”stay home. You are safer there. There is a strange virus at the hospital and

we don’s know what it is.”

She just gave me a Z pack. After two weeks I got better. My husband wasn’t as sick as me and got better

naturally with vitamins, aromatherapy, vaporizers, fresh orange juice and cold remedies.

But what i want to tell you is that I heard some strange elocutions during my worst times of this illness like: “Its going to be hell on earth and many elderly will die.” Then I had a terrible dream of me standing on the shore and seeing a very

colorful dragon coming toward the shores of beautiful marinas. I was running up and down the coast

of California, (I assumed this cause I lived there at the time of the dream).

No one listened to me…they kept eating and drinking and partying aboard the larger boats. I think it was a cruise ship. But there were smaller sailing boats too. I also kept saying to the people in the boats…”get out the boats and come inland!”

Then my husband said…you need to go back to the shore and keep warning them. So in the dream

he grabbed some family members and brought them safely inland digging what looked like some sort of well. But he kept saying, “Go back and warn them.”

So because our lease was up inland…we went back to the shore to pray over it and warn people

to come to Jesus. Its the safest place to be …in the boat with Christ. He can calm any storm at sea

in our lives!

Looking back it was a prophetic dream of the future. Many did die…and many elderly too. So tragic.

I kept walking up and down the pier praying for the shores of America and beyond.

The virus did come from across the sea…many got sick, many died, many lost their jobs, many families fought over different opinions, the economy went down, fighting on the internet between strangers and

a general malaise and depression fell over the whole world.

Politics came to be at the forefront of our conversations. People were fearful and overly cautious of one another. Laughter vanished from the streets, many stores closed down and mom and pop shops too. Sadly, children stayed inside, elderly were fearful and hid in their homes…and it was hard to visit sick and dying loved ones and friends….because of the lockdown and hospital restrictions. It was “HELL ON EARTH!”

When i dream i don’t dismiss warning dreams like this…but i pray more ferverently.

If you follow Jesus, read your bible and attend church but basically live for Christ and love your neighbor…then you too, most likely will begin prophetically dreaming. Pray that the enemy of your soul does not rob you of remembering your dreams, that is, if its God’s will. Make a dream journal beloveds of Christ. God speaks to us, comforts us and warns us through dreams prophetically. (Reference Joel Chapter 2, and Acts Chapter 2).

Peace/Shalom be with you all.

Mama Lauren

Miracle of the Mysterious Nurse

Hi, I am working on a book at present and listing some of the bigger miracles in my life. Here

is one that is a doosey.

When my youngest, Joseph, was 14 months old he came down with what i thought was the

flu and an earache. I asked my mom to help be watch over him so i could get a little sleep, but

suddenly during the night she woke me up and said…

“Lauren, he has taken a turn for the worse. I don’t think its just a flu.”

So we both took Joseph to the doctors.

As soon as we got into the doctors office,

he said…”Your baby is dying, he has menigitis!”

“What?” I practically screamed it out. The hospital was on the next short block

so we walked him down very fast into the emergency room. I am so glad i had my mom with me for support. The doctor took him in immediately to give him a spinal tap. I wasn’t allowed in there. I couldn’t imagine how my baby felt with all strange faces looking at him, working on him and holding him down. It was so terrifying for him…going from one room to another too and I wasn’t able to hold him or explain to him. I just had to pace in the waiting room. Finally my husband arrived…and was so upset. He said…what happened? He just had an earache?

I could barely speak cause was continually frozen in fear. I did this for several days. Then the little miracles started happening.

Once i went home for an hour to rest and pray. But as soon as i laid down…the bed shook. It literally shook!

I said, to my guardian angel, “Alright, alright, I’ll go back!” I just knew it was God warning me to go back to the hospital!

Then another little miracle…. A dear lady in the waiting room prayed for me. I wept in her arms…she said, i understand because my child is paralyzed from this baby meningitis. Oh no…she is comforting me

while she is suffering so much.

Then the doctor came out again and said…we have him on several medications and its dangerous. We

must find the right one quickly….and his brain is filling up with spinal fluid. He said, two things are in

your favor. If you had brought him in sooner i would have sent him home saying he has the flu. But

you came in just in time. Second thing is most babies fontanels are closed up by 14 months but his

fissures were still separated…allowing the fluid to swell up above his head…and we went in and

saw the small balloon like brain tissue filled with fluid- rising up on the top of his baby cranium. The

terrible thing was he could not have much liquids because he would cause brain damage. Only a little ice was given. So I called more friends to pray.

Then the miracles increased as my husband and i kept asking church after church to pray for

little Joe.

Here’s another miracle…

While he was in pediatrics and we were waiting for more results…a woman came in with

a child that had swallowed some toxic liquid. I was resting on my cot at the bottom of my sons bed.

She suddenly came over to my side of the room, grabbed my bible and said, what are you doing? You must get up and read…get up and read your bible. God told me the devil was trying to kill your baby.

Now i know why this happened with my child. He is fine but your baby is in trouble. Now get up and read.

I told her i hadn’t slept in days…i am exhausted. Doesn’t matter, she insisted.

So i asked…where…in the bible…she said…it doesn’t matter…its all holy…So i started to read in some familiar places I liked. I could barely stand.


Then on another night like ten days later…a huge problem happened…they finally found the correct medicinal dosage but he was dehydrated and his veins collapsed. Several nurses where in the room with the doctor and my husband. I was shaking in the corner. I said, i cant take this i have to go to the chapel to pray so i grabbed the Godmother and we ran downstairs to pray.

The chapel was full and some moms were weeping. I felt like it was perhaps was an epidemic. Back then, there were no cures. It was called H-Flu…a form of meningitis for very young children. I heard later, many died, were paralyzed by it or became permanently mentally disabled.

Then as Eileen knelt and prayed with me, I heard a STILL SMALL VOICE SAY, “Pray this way…Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!” I said it over and over and over. Then, after 10 minutes or so… the same voice said.

“He’s fine now go back upstairs.”

We did and when we entered the room, everything was quiet with only one nurse there fixing his IV.

I said, “Where is my husband? Where are the doctors and other nurses?”

She cocked her head and slowly responded, “Well, that’s just it, it was the darndest thing…a nurse, that I don’t know said…”Can i help? She was calm and seemed so knowledgeable and patient. We were so stressed. We told her the problem and she said…I am very good with needles. Then she put an infant size needle in your sons temple…and the medicine went right in.”

She finished up and said, now he has fluids and medicine.

I asked, “May i know the nurse’s name so i can thank her?”

She said…”That’s just it…no body knows who she is. We never saw her before on this floor!”

This story is the truth. She was either an angel or a real nurse that God sent.

Either way it was a huge miracle that saved my son’s life. Thank you Lord! And God

bless that servant of the Lord, Saint or Angel.


Mama Lauren

New Song- “Jesus I Trust in You.” & an Old song: “Made in the Image of God.”

Hi everyone.

Here’s my personal email. If you would, please send me a note if you like the song(s).

Please listen to this short song. Jesus I Trust in You. It was inspired from Divine Mercy Chaplet song for it is said 3 times at the end of the Chaplet. I made it a single if you just want to sing along to it on and off through the day. The long chaplet can be prayed wherever you go whether walking and praying

either on Bluetooth in the car or washing dishes too.

Note: Just a reminder of a previously posted song: “Made in the Image of God.” Please take the time to listen to my prolife Song: Made in the Image of God. This song is very special to me and to all young mothers. The true story is: I was in the hospital in labor for my third child Joseph. The doctor said

we have to perform a caesarean. When it came time to lift him out of the womb…the doctor and

nurses were amazed that he was holding on for dear life. He didn’t want to budge and was crying very

loudly. But they were finding that very funny and laughting. I said. Please everyone, my baby is

upset he needs to be calmed down. So i began singing this lullaby of love that i sang to him for months while i carried him. I asked them to be still and i began to sing to him. He immediately recognized

my voice and the song and calmled down . Everyone sighed and said Awe, he recognizes you.

He was at peace and knew it was okay to let his baby fingers go of me.

Well needly to say i recorded it for other mothers to hear…especially mothers that are scared and need more loving support for their future ahead. I

I always give away this song free.

I would love it if you pass on this song to Pregnancy Heath Care Centers anyway you can.

**** I can help you spread the song around in an easy way. I can send you business cards with the QR code on it which is easier that passing out CD’s and less costly.

You can then pass out the business cards to any pregnant mothers that are indecisive on

having their babies. Ultrasounds are a wonderful way to show mothers their babies and

add to that- music that can move a mother to consider there’s more at stake and how

spiritually important it is to either keep ones baby or get it adopted.

Finally please pray for this song’s success, so we together can save a baby and their parents, one family

at a time.

Send me by my private email any comments or questions you have.

Or if you want my music QR business cards at no cost to you for this particular song please email me on this private email below.

Thank you so much.


Lauren Williamson

Jesus I Trust In You

Written and Arranged by Lauren Williamson

Vocals: Lauren Williamson

Lead Guitar and all other instruments: Frank Lobato

© 2022

NEW – The Divine Mercy Chaplet Prayer with Music

Original Music by Lauren Williamson

Vocals: Lauren Williamson and James Phillips

Lead Guitar: James Phillips

Rhythm Guitar: Lauren Williamson

© July 2021

Here is the new original musical version of the old Prayer from the 1900’s of The Divine Mercy Chaplet. This prayer can be used by all Christian Faiths. It contains Biblical truths, common prayers, and intercessions pleading to the Lord to have Mercy on us and on the Whole World. It was created originally through the inspiration of Jesus Christ to the Nun, St. Faustina. I have prayed it for a while now but suddenly desired to start singing it. The Holy Spirit kept giving me melodies for each part, especially for the 5 decades where the song is chanted: “For the sake of His Sorrowful Passion, Have Mercy on us and on the whole world,” which is lovingly repeated. Please give a listen to some of it below. Thank you for letting me share this great prayer / song.


Mama Lauren

A real story & a lullaby for my baby & all babies & a good song to encourage pregnant Moms.

May 10, 2022

Dear bambinos, Greetings in the most High Jesus Christ!

Haven’t posted lately so I thought I should.

*As I hand out my single…a lovely lullaby called ” Made in the Image of God ” based on Psalm 139:14…

I think back on how the song was originally inspired.

The story goes…

When I was carrying my third born son, Joseph it came time to have him delivered by Caesarean section. A strange thing happened. When they opened me up, they found him holding fast to the sides of the walls of my womb. Every time the doctor tried to lift him out he would scream and cry. The nurses and doctors started to laugh. I did not find it funny at all but asked them to be still so i could help by singing to him. They looked at me inquisitively. Then when i started singing…Joseph became very quiet. They couldn’t believe it when I started singing our favorite song. The doctor handed him right to me for a minute while i kept singing. We said, a little prayer over him and the nurses quietly carried him away.

This song worked cause i sang it to him for most of the nine months i carried him. It was our song…and a very comforting and familiar song to his little heart.

So i got this idea to record it and give it out at pregnancy help centers, and to anyone who could share it with pregnant moms everywhere. I have given hundreds of them away but i need to give more.

So pray for me to do so and help give mothers hope and the comfort of knowing they are in the hands of God and that they and their baby were made in God’s image. Psalm 139:14.

I love you all…take care of your loved ones…and especially prepare their souls…for what’s coming upon the earth. Teach them faith in Jesus now.

If your prolife ministry wants to sing this song i have a background tract so that anyone can sing to it.

I also have QR codes for you to pass around free. I do not charge money for this song or any of my other songs.

If you want to reach me here is my personal email:


Mama Lauren Williamson

Love is the Answer Album by Lauren Williamson

I am so proud of Love is the Answer a work that took over 5 years. I was helped by Adamos studio engineer Jerry Adamos…a beautiful Christian…and multiple musicians one of which is Kevin Kearney pianist and helped me arrange the songs from my guitar style and renditions. Thank you Jerry and Kevin. Now I have a new song too that I just finished.
Now I am on Spotify and too. God has inspired me to start up again…but hopefully it won’t take me five years to finish this second album. I want to call it…
Made in the Image of God…a song of a mothers love for her child…a song about psalm 139:14. When I starting writing the song…I was carrying my third child. I wanted my child to hear music…a special song just for him. So I began and only wrote the verse…I couldn’t find any more inspiration so laid the song down. Recently I felt Holy Spirit calling me into the living room to pick up the guitar and finish it…it came out so quickly and flowed out of the guitar. Praise God. Thank you Lord for the wonderful surprise. Now back during the time of the C-section on November 10th..the same day as my mother Libby, when it came time to remove him from my womb, the doctor said…your son does not want to separate from you. What? I said, He said…he is literally holding on to your womb!…I said…bring him to me…He was screaming at this point I began to sing the verse…Baby baby within me can you hear me baby baby cause I love you…and so went the song. LO AND BEHOLD HE STOPPED SCREAMING AND WAS PEACEFUL. Then I told the nurse now you can take and clean him up. That was 37 years ago… Now out of the blue God inspires me to finish…now I want to use it to encourage mothers and babies in the womb again and again. May God bless you all. I will post the song soon. Here is the cover for the single….Made In the Image of God!,


The great ingathering or they great coming to the light gathering?

Dear Ones….They are coming! People are coming to us. Us meaning believers. Light your candles, your lighthouse flames, let your light shine…salt all your conversations and actions with God’s word…cause “they are coming.” They are the broken, the outcast, the lonely, the isolated, the separated, the brokenhearted, the seekers of truth, the questioners and the downcast of soul…They are coming to your work, your supermarket, your neighborhoods. They are coming hungry and thirsty for truth. Are you ready beloveds? Are your lamps lit so they can see you in the darkness. Are you salted and ready to add flavor  to others lives and situations…Can they see you YOU? Can they find you. Come out …come out where ever you are Body of Christ….BE READY!

 Are you ready with a message of hope…be ready dear ones…cause they need you. And this call is not just that strangers are coming…the body of Christ is coming…cause they are not getting enough in their life…for EVER REASON.

People get ready…THEY ARE COMING!


Mama Lauren

Three Dreams of Jesus Poem, by MamaMiaLove

December 30 , 2014

Three Dreams of Jesus

I had three dreams of Jesus
The first one by the Marriage Bed
Next one washed by a crystal sea.
The last one where I was a woman/child that played upon his knee, time goes so fast but I remember these dreams given to me.

In the first, I was a woman wanting His touch,
So lonely forgotten and needing so much.
He dressed me in a heavenly white gown
flowing with delicate cloth to the ground.

I passed through double doors into a room
With soft blazing light as he raised his arms to dim the glorious light,

It was the wedding chamber of my prince,
My husband to be. There were flowing window curtains and a bed with a canopy.

When I finally could see his face…I went to him to behold his embrace.
I dropped my shoulder sleeves to show him submission
He just smiled with the warmest expression.
As He was placing my sleeves back into place
And guiding me to a bench in the sweetest embrace, by the marriage bed we sat and gazed at each other instead.
Then he drew me across his knee and dipping me romantically into ecstasy.

The second dream I had I was guided up a dusty road- by angel I suppose.
There was someone walking behind…a figure I knew but a face I could not find.
At first I saw Jesus, on a grass so green
Preaching to the sick, the crippled, and unclean.
I passed Him by, only to find,
Myself within a white mausoleum:
Looking for love, for someone kind?
I was looking for him who my heart longed,
For him whom my heart loved in this room.
In this place I was looking for whom?
When I opened a coffin one corpse said,
“Why are you looking for the living… among the dead?”

Then suddenly I was at a crystal sea
With Jesus washing it’s water over me.
So meticulously he washed, scrubbing each part
Washing me clean right down to my heart.

And then just as quickly, bringing me back to that place,
I knew the man standing by the maseleum-i now see his face.
Jesus made me see, that this man could never love me like He should,
Then holding my face, oh so tenderly he would by…
Tipping his head and smiling at me…
sighed, “I will love you forever”
And in his eyes… I saw eternity.

And in one more dream
I’m going up first a stairway over a bridge,
through a wooden door to sit on a loving Jesus’ knee, cuddling and playing with his face and hair
like a toddler with glee.
There were others there with me
one by one having fun… with such familiarity.
I saw one close friend and just one more-
with childlike spirits coming through the door.

Each one sat upon his knee and played so gleefully.
This place I longed to stay- to dwell -but floating backward I could tell I could not abide.
For it was time to go… He did decide.
Oh, in His arms , oh in that place! I could not reside.

Now… I remember my heavenly father planned for me-through my life, three dreams to see.
For both the woman and child in me.
To live. To grow. To be.
This is the Father’s love for me.