The Presence of Demons- Are they Real?

It seems as I read through the gospels of Jesus Christ.  I have observed that half the time Jesus is delivering people from demons.   Furthermore, why is it we rarely hear about it being preached in sermons or homilies? Why not? It’s all of who Jesus is. It’s what he does. Matter of fact, we are supposed to be casting out demons too. Jesus told us to do it. Mark 16:17:  And these signs shall follow those that have believed in my name they shall cast out demons…”

Also to name a few…other passages: Luke 10:18: ” Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” And again in  2nd. Cor. 10:5:

Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalted itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;” We are to declare these things…pray them into existence…cause God gave us the power of prayer.”

In 2nd Cor. 10:4:  “The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.”

See again…we cannot fight in our own worldly knowledge- how to fight these worldly arguments, demonic activity and powers of any kind…unless our God gives us supernatural power to do it. Our hearts must be pure in intention of why we even care to do it…cause it is the heart of God for his people to be able to live in peace…For “the devil has come to steal , kill and destroy“…this is it’s one and only purpose..and he hates Christ and all of his children. We can do all things in His name and without Him we can do nothing to protect ourselves. It’s His grace alone that accomplishes this; but, we are to stay in that humble attitude and if we do we can utilize his gifts -all of them.


When we look at Ephesians chapter six it goes into detail of putting on spiritual armor for the warfare encounter with the devil. What is this all about? You may ask the reason that it is new to you and maybe that you don’t care. Perhaps,  you are scared to talk about it. Or – 1. …no one is preaching it to you…2. You are not reading your bible and have no idea what aim talking about.  3. You are not troubled by evil spirits… cause you are not troubling them.


It’s like people say…I don’t want to trouble trouble. That’s not what we should be saying as soldiers for Christ. But the ” trouble”  is… you’re not truly serving God if you are not experiencing some  sort of spiritual attacks. This is a truism for the gospel. See about the early Christian’s lives. We don’t want it and try to avoid it. But, the truth is…for all good and righteous saints of God living now: They would all be experiencing spiritual warfare. It comes with the job!


Well the next question is…how does one know when one is experiencing  the demonic? Oh, dear ones, you will know.

Are you having trouble at work? Trouble at home? Trouble in relationships? That sounds normal in each category. Not likely will you be suffering in all areas. For God does not give us more than we can bear. But that works if you are his child. Just being born in this world does not make you in right relationship with God. And if you are not walking in communion with God you are open to more than your fair share of “its” arrows at you!

But, if you are suffering in every category of your life…something is wrong and you are probably not only suffering the evil one’s hits but you have no back up help. You are out there alone. If you are not walking in prayer, worship and obedience…and say you are a Christian…you are in the most dangerous of places…as it relates to being at peace and conquering these demons. For those I ask…being your own God isn’t fun is it?   Are you continually being harassed or yelled at for no apparent reason? Are you, most of the time feeling like you are in the wrong place at the wrong time? Do you have nightmares often? Your children having them too? Do you feel an unusual smell or coldness sometime…even noises and movement where there shouldn’t be? I could go on and on. I am exhausted just asking the question. I feel for you …I really do. The bible says a lukewarm Christian suffers more than  either polar opposite. And God doesn’t want you to suffer for that reason.

Beloved, one doesn’t have to read the entire bible to know the face of evil. Well if you are experiencing some of these trials or persecutions, then there is a demonic root somewhere that is causing it.  In most general cases,  it is usually unforgiveness, fear and sin that opens the door an -un-confessed sin/sins, especially.  And sad to say…we usually are the ones that inadvertently invite the trouble into our lives. Job said, …”that which I feared came upon me.” And even in the Lord’s prayer…the most perfect prayer of Jesus…says…”forgive us our sins as we forgive others…” that sums up what we must do. Most nominal Christians are unaware of the demonic. They are too busy serving themselves and their own agenda to even notice the connection of their actions to bringing trouble into their lives…least ways demonic activity.

There are many ways that these spirits may either oppress or enter into us. For example it may happen when someone is wounded by being abandoned as a child,  shamed by parents  or the community, verbally  raged upon, ignored, beat or thoroughly neglected etc.  There is not just a psychological problem going on in that child as they grow up into adulthood; but, these early problems unless addressed become a feeding ground for  demons  to root into those wounded places in those victimis lives. It’s as if the wound of each person becomes an entrance for a demon. Some Godly teachers call them gates…or portals by which they enter. Only the Jesus’ precious blood coverning and a cooperative effort from the Christian can expose, uncover and heal this wound. Plus, close up that entry way forever…through fasting and prayer with others.

A familiar spirit is that common connection from the past to the future…a seeming weakness like that of alcoholism that can’t shake itself off the family for many generations. That’s because there is an original demonic root that started somewhere.  But, take heart, beloved…through faith and your will joined with His…all things are possible for your or your loved one’s deliverance. We must through continued  daily prayer, break that generational bondage. Its like saying demon…the buck stops here…you cannot cross the line…in Jesus Name be gone from me and my children and my children’s children’s children!

Getting prayed with is not  a one time thing. There are many things to help you be delivered from demons and stay delivered. Filling your mind up with The Word of God…the bible… fasting at least  one day a week for spiritual strength,  or one meal a day…for weeks…or fast for several days on just water…is more appropriate when praying over a more serious deliverance.

To break spirits off of yourself…fasting is imperative with the aid of memorization of  bible verses. One can  place them on the wall to meditate on. You can be listening to worship music and serving the poor too. It most cases it takes a group effort. But these must be seasoned veterans of spiritual warfare.

Some people think that going to church a few times or a Christian camp can save you your whole life and that is their extent of a relationship with Christ. I don’t believe that.  For just getting baptized is not going to help you through your whole life from all these sufferings.  “Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord God delivers them out of them all. The key word here is righteous. Or, in another case,  saying the sinner’s prayer once is supposed to me…you can now go about your own way and ignore serving or obeying God.  Folks, tt’s a journey and it starts one day at a time…that’s why , again the Lord’s prayer says…give us this day our daily bread…see how the prayer should be prayed daily…its as if you are born over and over every day…leaning and trusting in God for everything!


Salvation is not an easy thing. See how he speaks of the rich in this life…just not about money but people who get their way all the time…It’s so hard for them to get to heaven Jesus said, its as hard as “a camel going through the eye of a needle!” Woah…that’s scary…right?  See what St. Paul says to Jesus’ followers back in the day: “Work out your salvation in fear and trembling!” Beloveds…we have work to do…and it’s a daily work.

Cases in point: Let’s say there’s a woman who keeps having relationships where the men beat her. She doesn’t have the gift of spiritual discernment of spirits obviously. If she did, she would leave immediately upon meeting him because she would see a red flag and know this man has demon oppression.  Another story is where the husband is committing porno right in their home. Things are going from bad to worse…and the mother doesn’t know why? These demons pass from the magazines and internet through the eye portal into the soulish realm and eventually rot out the heart… How through the power over the whole earth…electricity…that energy source which we borrow from God to light our homes…etc. We are electrical too…God is electrical…God’s spirit is electrical…He is all energy…its that energy that can move around like the wind…bad and good energy…Satan is an evil energy…God is a good energy…and If God isn’t invited in, cause he is a gentleman and won’t force himself..It will leave if we are the ones that invited it in. It has to be us doing the warfare and repentance…someone can pray with you…but you started the problem and you have to fix it.  And only if we tell it to go will it go. And only the sinner can cast it out. Now , I believe when the person is so captivated by demons…God understands that others must help the person get free…so in that case I have read Jesus doing that. As in the case of oppression…if the man is coherent enough to lead the prayer then the wife can stand in agreement and pray with the him to resist and reject it. Also there must be a confession of the man’s sin too..a true repentance…otherwise it will keep coming back to tempt him another time.

I have read about Porno having various degrees of manifestation on a person. At first, it is sinning through temptation, then when it becomes habitual it becomes an obsession…then if one goes deeper into it and more often,  greater sins  usually accompany it…then the man becomes super oppressed by a demon.  He is taking upon himself multiple soul ties through the viewing and the lusting after these women or men.   The wife will continually feel betrayed and rightly so…women tend to have great intuition by nature.

Porno brings everything down. Its incidious. Perverted. It winds itself , like the tentacles of an octobpus, around everything around it. It hides behind lies. The more hidden it is…the more tantalizing it becomes. So it must be exposed and confessed before it gets a stronghold on one’s life.

Once when I went to a person’s house that was doing it…I walked into the house and felt its presence immediately…I asked the person where are you…I am in the bedroom on the bed and can’t move…why…I asked …have you been doing porno? Yes. He said. As I turned the corner I felt the icy cold, walking up the hall. I turned the corner and saw three dark shadows to the left of the bed. I asked the man what are they? He said…can you see them too? I said yes…How many do you see, I asked. He said three. So we both saw them. They didn’t move they just remained still and facing him. I immediately called them sentinels…I never even heard of the word before. But God gave me the thought. I kept praying them away with all my knowledge and heart of faith. But they wouldn’t leave. I said…You brought them in by sin, now you have to make them go by confession, repentance and committed me to God not to do it again. He immediately did as I mentioned and they left. Notice I couldn’t do it alone..He had to lead the prayer and prove to God he was sincere then our dual prayer in faith would work. When we finished praying…they dissolved into a smell of sulfur. They came from hell and went back to hell. This really happened. That was the first time I ever saw that before.

Pornography can ruin whole families, jobs and health if not treated. These demons gather in strength and need more hosts to torture so they start to move around not just inside the man’s head and heart but begin to try to attach themselves to the wife and children. Their male friends will start getting influenced by it too. It will cause nightmares on the children and disturbances in the home, like arguments and  continual division. Spirits like this are competitive for the host’s attention and they are fiercely jealous of their land development and want to hold their ground… because it’s better than hell. They will pursue whoever stands in their way…especially if the wife is a baby Christian and she doesn’t know how to fight the fight of travailing prayer. This woman needs help quick…and a Christian support group is the best.

Then there is that earmark of  same type of persecution that keeps happening to you when you serve God…and then  it comes and hits you either right before, during and right after you serve God in some capacity and then you seem to experience a fallout…a retaliation for doing it…that too is demonic.  Addictions of family members have their originate mainly in the flesh…but sometime Satan attaches himself and gets involved with the persons illness and progression of illness. But the attachment always seems to start with two main things: A feeling of being wounded/hurt , becoming daily more and more unforgiving and a sense of being alone in your sorrow. Beware of your thoughts leading you down a dark road…change directions immediately…sing, praise, worship read the bible…hang out with your Christian friends..but don’t stay alone…besides..Remember:  You are not alone beloved…YOU ARE NOT ALONE…YOU ARE SURROUNDED BY A GREAT CLOUD OF WITNESSES CHEERING YOU ON FROM THE RAMPARTS OF HEAVEN…SAYS ST. PAUL. AND BOY HE WENT THROUGH IT ALL TO PREACH THE GOSPEL, SO HE KNOWS WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT.

But then there is the fourth thing…you may not have the gift of discernment…the charism of the holy spirit that fell on Pentecost…that continually falls on every one who accepts the baptism of the holy spirit…! You know being born again…read about Nicodemus encounter with Jesus. (John3:3).

What’s that? There you go again…not having knowledge of those things that are most important for your salvation. It’s one thing to accept Christ…but it’s another to accept him every single day into your life, family, home, job and goals in life. If you do that then you are walking, talking and praying in the Holy Spirit with your full armor on.The Lord has been increasingly been showing me how demons operate.

Since this is a deep subject I want to just focus on the dynamics of family life.and how the devil might be involving itself with that….Yes, Lets just call it “it.”

Recently the Lord has been increasingly showing me how demons operate. Case in point- This morning God gave me a dream where I was an observer in a dream sequence. Sometimes I am inside a body of someone in my dream and other times…I am just observing.  It’s the same thing happening most of the time in my dreams…I am an agent of good…like an angel trying to work things out for good…intercede…and change the outcome of evil to good.  I never know if I am successful but I keep doing it…in the morning after these dreams I wake up peaceful knowing I did my best…Sounds silly right? Am I appearing phenomenally eccentric to you ? Well, I believe in prayer…what can I tell you.  Jesus said to his disciples…”greater things will you do in my name!” Wow that’s enough for me.

Well, to continue on with the dream I had…I had the ability in the dream to enter somewhat into the thoughts of each person in the dream.

Two women where in the bathroom of a building of some kind of gathering…it appeared that they were working on crafts of some sort. One woman (person #1) took one of the serrated knives from the table into the bathroom with her…she stood behind a woman (person #2) fixing her hair and makeup while she was looking in the mirror. Just then, I entered, I couldn’t tell if they could see me…or not. #2 was in her own world oblivious to #1 behind her. #2 was chatting on and on about everything and #1 was getting angrier and angrier…and saying something like “such a funny smile” over and over. It seemed to put her into a trance…I looked into her eyes, but she couldn’t see me now…and I saw pure evil desires of murder for #2. I began to plan some way to avert this danger…first I thought I would pretend to slip ad fall and distract #1. Then I thought I would just snatch the knife and say I needed it. Then finally I thought I should just get help…I was going back and forth in mind of what to do.when I just woke up. I began to pray and ask God what was that dream about…how am I supposed to pray…I reached for a bible and opened directly to Mark 1:32-34. Let’s read it. “That evening, at sundown, they brought to him all who were sick or possessed with demons.33 and the whole city was gathered together about the door. 34 And he healed many who were sick with various diseases. And cast out many demons; and he would not permit the demons to speak, because they knew him.”

Do you know what “knowing” in this sentence means beloved? It means the demons recognized that he was the Holy One of God, the messiah, the son of God…

Does it know that you are of God? Does he think you represent God’s hands and feet and bodily temple on earth? Are you a threat to its plans? Does it know you belong to God and serve him daily in prayer?

Well if you are suffering demonic attack …then it knows you… it knows much about you and how to hurt you in ways that people can’t. However he needs people to do it. And it uses people all the time to hurt other people…especially those in our own family.

Well, in this dream God was showing me that my natural way human way of solving things in this case are not good enough…we are dealing with a person with a demon that troubles them with a murderous angry avenging spirit. These spirits start in a person’s mind. If they don’t know Christ, nor the bible and haven’t been taught about discerning good and evil spirits then they can be oppressed easily and be used to hurt others with their words and sometimes …if the demon has been there a long time…even in violent actions.

God was showing me the more excellent and only way to deal with spirits like this.

I don’t want these dreams…nor to get involved with such heavy thoughts but this has been going on for a long time in my life…this noticing of the supernatural as it relates to being a “real” Christian.

Once before my mom died…she came to me late at night and woke me up and was crying. She said she had a horrifying vision of the future.  She said she saw the earth open up and all these evil sprits were being released into the world…by the millions, it seemed to her.

Spirits need a host to do damage…and the more ignorant, angry, unforgiving, bitter and depressed people are the more they can attach themselves. And that’s what we see today…horror on every newspaper page. Some say it’s always been that way…we just have more media to report it. No I don’t agree…God is allowing it to be we wont be in the dark…so Christian believers can pray about it…and help in the Lord’s work on earth to prevent it.  Just as God inspires and all good gifts come from Him Satan sends his minions to destroy God’s good work on the earth and the most powerful force on this earth is not our world leaders and their governments…but the common everyday variety family.

A father or a mother or both raising kids to love and serve God. That is the greatest lighthouse of hope in the world and a foundation of good for every community of people all over the globe…If he can attack and break their unity he will start there…cause if he disintegrates that there will be no hope…for man is not meant to live alone in a vacuum. And when spouses or when girlfriends or boyfriends break your heart you always have your parents…or siblings…but if that is destroyed.then he has us. Unless we are all mystic monks in a cave somewhere…totally dedicated to Christ…but you know everyone needs someone in this world!

Lately I have been yelled at, and suddenly turned on for no reason. It could be from a student at college…someone in the grocery store or even through a trusted friend…each time people say…why did I say that to you.what was that about? I love you. I am puzzled, they say. Or I don’t know why I have treated you that way…forgive me…That’s all I have been doing lately is having to forgive tons of people…this my friends is obvious demonic activity. Why? Possibly because my work for God is proving results and the enemy is mad and using people to hurt me. Possibly for what I will do in the future.sometimes it IS DARKEST BEFORE A DAWN EXPERIENCE. A darkness that is trying to break me before some grand opportunity to glorify God.  Either way there is a great good reason for my suffering. So I must carry my cross and praise him no matter what, Bless my sudden enemy, forgive and pray for them.

Then this morning God showed me further…in the dream was a better way to deal with that demon. Prayer. Even in an instant you can pray when you are in danger or even feeling threatened or under an evil word attack! Do as Jesus…yes like Jesus! Silence the demons…tell them to be quiet…and furthermore tell them to leave! Wow…can we do that?  Yes…if you read scripture you would know how to do it…also. But, a quick crash course is knowing  some key scriptures…right away…and trusting in the Lord of the scriptures…not in yourself! When you pray:  Be humble as a child and bold as a lioness protecting her cubs.

Jesus is the word made flesh…So he is the Word of God…the sword of the Spirit…he also is our armor…Ephesians chapter 6:11…put it on beloved! PUT IT ON NOW…cause you are now a spiritual prayer warrior…you are enlisted in God’s need to use your tools…the word of God…is your first thing…a sword of great power and truth…

Jesus used this sword…the Torah…the Hebrew Scriptures…now that Jesus has ascended and gave us His Holy Spirit, we can use the same scriptures he did…and his very words too to resist the “it.” He was in the dessert for forty days while he fasted before he started his ministry. Mark  says he was healing diseases and casting out demons…it’s all through the gospels but we don’t hear it cause the word devil even makes us nervous…what “ wusses” we are at times.

God admires and rewards people of faith and spiritual courage…he is not interested in our agendas, careers or fame if He is not in it! They are all selfish agendas. It will all burn in the end. One can’t take it with them. For where your treasure is so will your heart be…Where is your treasure dear ones?

Man Up, Guys! Women up girls! Let “ it” know where you stand…who you are…use your sword…and tell him to get out, stop, let go, be bound…Just tell him to Go in Jesus Name.

God gave us the power to do so…Jesus said…we have been given this right as believers…Mark said it earlier: “These are the signs that follow believers” …are you a believer… that means it already happened once…and now it has to happen in our time and already is…just listen to the thousands of testimonies on pulpits, papers, books and internet…its real dear ones…its real…you can do it!  This is your sign…you shall CAST OUT DEMONS…YEAH YOU! Ha-ha….Don’t take this unnecessary suffering from the “it” in your life…go after it…don’t run face it and cast it out under Jesus feet…and he will take dominion over “it!”

How? Not by your power, cause we have none we are his little children, his sheep…sinners, and very dumb and unaware of the evil around us at times…but, still His.


When a king sends out a degree in the older times…he would press his signet ring representing his authority and (name) into a piece of wax sealing the document. We always address the Father in prayer using God’s son’s name as a signet after the prayer…saying Lord God I am praying in the name of all that is holy, righteous, powerful and worthy…all of your amazing grace into one name..I believe it so I know you are pleased with this your son’s name…and it will wing this prayer directly to your throne and heart…and you will do what is best…but you will hear our prayers cause Jesus said you would if we pray in His Name to you.  Call on the name of the Lord Jesus and you will be saved.

Daniel a holy prophet of God who even prophecies of the end times in the bible. Was praying three times a day…and looking for an answer to prayer and it didn’t come for three weeks…he, Daniel, said…he was visited by the angel Gabriel who said…to him…”Daniel you are loved by God…cause from the first time he heard your prayer…God was moved to act on it…but the” prince of this region” prevented me from getting to you with the answer..So God got St. Michael the archangel had to intercede and do war against this “stronghold.” Boy if I only had to wait three weeks for an answer…some of my prayers are yet to be answered…so there is warfare there too, But Daniel received the aid he sought. Wow.

So what happened when your family, your boss, your best friend turns on you suddenly. Once you let it go…but if there is persistence attack…then its demonic…then you need to pull out your big gun…THE BIBLE. You need to confess your own sins.and humble yourself first before your maker. Then you need to seek someone else to pray with…for Whenever two or more are gathered in your name there the Father is in your midst and if we don’t’ we have our prayer answered.

Fasting is also a great weapon for spiritual warfare too. For Jesus’ disciples said…master we can’t cast out this demon….he said for this particular case one needs to fast first.

Remember the scripture I gave you in the beginning dear ones? Mark 1:32-34…We must imitate Christ and tell those demons…BE QUIET… in Jesus Name. So when someone starts to lash out on you…don’t just stand there and take it…under your breath…tell “it” to be quiet and leaven now! And pray it in Jesus’ holy name. We don’t always need to speak out loud. I prayed over someone without speaking and she was delivered of a demon. Shouting isn’t always necessary either…Jesus spoke in a loud voice to resurrect Lazarus…and he knows His own reasons…but all we need to do is firmly , without doubt, believe when we pray. Besides, Jesus name seems to shout gloriously for us anyway.

We must constantly stay in that humble place and submit to God first before we run off and cast out demons…or even to resist “it.” And don’t go looking for them either…its enough to just deal with all the problems in your own life… unless one is involved in a prayer group that prays over people in a group.and that is the safest and humblest way. Sometimes I have done it alone…but one must definitely be fasting…and only for deliverance…never with an exorcism… If someone disagrees with that please tell me…because I haven’t read it. Most are performed with a group of people and sometimes over a period of time.

I have found I must bless every place I and every person we are with before engaging in anything. family parties, where having lunch with someone, going shopping or even interacting with family members for  by doing thus we can avoid any unnecessary spiritual conflict.

Start in the morning beloveds. Before you get out of bed pray first- pulling down those strongholds in and around and anything that touches your life; so you can have peace at work, school and home. Lastly pray for the peace in all families everywhere especially in the body of Christ, his church.



Part 3: My Life in the late 60’s and 70’s and The Spritual Charasmatic Movement

Ok, I hope you read one and two. As you notice my grammar isn’t very good. But gosh I need to get this out of me and on paper for someone to read it.  I am sure my kids even haven’t heard all these stories before out of my mouth… but if they did, would they, at the time believed…now that they and I are older…maybe now they and you will. The experience hasn’t changed. I still tell it the same way perhaps with a little less details. Alls I know is that it’s time to post them for posterity sake.  After all, being heard is one thing, being believed is another.


Well, the time period its post dental school circa 1972, with my first husband the now dentist. We moved back to a place in Southern California…Hawthorne was our first apartment in 1972.


I started to want to stir up my faith again…I had no fellowship group, no born again Christian friends, no church that I felt I belonged. Just a mother that was off the deep end for Christ. And as the years went on …I became glad for that…cause life was extremely hard on that precious soul…Jesus literally “saved” her…its a good word actually.


I am now 22 and looking for a church. I wandered into a Catholic Church nearby, I won’t say the name, I want to keep story anonymous. It was a standard Catholic church. Dark, stained glass windows …nobody talking to you before or after daily mass. Just the way most Catholics liked it…meditative…personal…private…a sacred you and God thingy.


But that isn’t what I wanted…since that red headed Baptist lady prayed for me and I converted in one night…yes in one night. Did I tell you that story? Ok…maybe I forgot to include the fact that while I was waiting to be flown back to Chicago in 1969 to help my first husband through dental school..some lady at the preschool I worked at… prayed for me. No one ever prayed for me like that ever up until that time. So , I guess I should tell you what happened.


One night after closing of the preschool…she came up to me and said… I am leaving cause they(the principal) said I can’t teach about Jesus in this school. I knew that…I told her…its a secular school …Honey…why don’t you teach in a Christian school? But they don’t need Jesus like these kids do, she replied. That may be true…oh…I am sorry La Vern…that was her name…I got to say that much.

Oh, did I also mention that she changed my life…that night.Or should I say, God did, through her obedience.

The very next day…I kid you not…I was completely dressed different and went out to the same bar…”The brothers Two” it was called in Torrance/Redondo area. It now should be called the Apostles John and Peter…cause I marched in there duty bound…and positive that no one in California knew about Jesus and I would start in my favorite bar to tell of the wonderful experience I had.

I got beer thrown on me and was jostled out by my friend the bouncer…I forgot his name. But he liked me before…they all liked me…even the bartender said…Lauren I like you …what happened…you have completely changed!

Wow…I didn’t take drugs..gang…I just got prayed over (in tongues) accepted Jesus as Savior and took and read a few chapters of the bible…specifically Romans, Corinthians…and knelt and prayed on my own for Jesus to take me and change my life…and I guess…THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED…HE TOOK ME AT MY WORD…CAUSE I TOOK HIM AT HIS WORD!


P.S. Guess where I am temporarily living for now…with my daughter in La Verne California…. LA VERNE…THE SAME NAME AS THE LADY THAT INTRODUCED ME TO JESUS…PERSONALLY IS THAT A COOINCIDENCE OR WHAT. Incidentally, she chose the town to live in I didn’t…and she doesn’t even recall me telling her this story ever or the Lady’s name.

That’s all for now..till  next time in Part 4…






Part 2: My life in the late 60’s and 70’s and the Spiritual Charasmatic Movement

Ok…where was I ?

Ok…just got home safe and sound after the mad chase through the hills of Palos Verdes in

1967. I was seven months pregnant…I am ok and so is the baby.

However looking back that i know what i know…and being a child development

major  and a retired massage therapist to boot..i realize..that that spirit of fear that gripped

me that night wasn't good for my child nor me. New information is one thing…but my kid

growing in me..didn't have that..he just felt my physical and spiritual response. These things

that happen to us need a deep healing.

On to what happened next…the birth on March 3. mmm…3 3…then the room had a three in it…i

remember that…numbers mean stuff..right? I think so…and the bill was three hundred and

thirty three dollars. Exactly what i had in my  bank give or take some coins.

Wow. what does that mean?i thought.

 Well, I almost died in the delivery…cause i couldn't seem to stay awake…until a SergeantGeneral labor room nurse..jumped up on bed i was in…slapped me awake

and said..unless you do this will both die…i was awake now..

She leaned into my face and said…softely …i don't know what is going on but you don't want this

baby do you..i said…i am scared…she said..i am going to give you a crash course on LaMaze.

My little boy was 9 lbs 5 oz and beautiful…but i couldn't tell cause I was still drugged up and

depressed cause i still didn't have a dad for him. While they bottle fed my baby i lay in the bed

dreaming of who would marry me now? I thought of some guy that liked me, but I had to find

him. AT that time..guys were marrying girls for lesser reasons..cause the draft was full on

if you weren't in full time college.

 I found the guy that liked me and we got serious fast. We ran off and got married in Vegas.

He was from a nice Catholic family. They didn't like me much cause needless to say i was

an unwed mother. What's the use in telling them i was a good Catholic girl that had a miraculous

pregnancy! Well i thought so.

 After Michael got older…the guy I was dating suddenly got cold feet…he

said..i think we should date other people…what an idiot i was..i was so desperate not

to loose him….that i ignored the red flag that he was not loyal to me..and was folding under

his parents and friends pressure…I said..if you date someone else..i won't see

you anymore…So he said…ok…i won't date anyone else..Gosh…that was wrong…God

was trying to intervene…and you'll know why later.


Now..remember i was dating  a service guy? Remember he gave me a ring to hold me

while he was gone for two…years…I really thought he would not last  in Vietnam…

so many were getting killed…I also was desperate for a father for my baby…i was worried

about my sick father and wierdly spiritual mother. I was alone in the world and there

were no guarantees with the service boy.

Well that 20 year old service boy came back mid my dating this new guy…and one

night he suddenly appeared at my door…pleading to just give him one date…to prove his love

for me. he said..i don't care if you got pregnant…i still love you and i will raise him as my own.


My newest fiance…called right at that moment…Now why do things happen like this…this is a

life and death situation…so imperative that i make the right decision…here is this sweet

soldier pleading for a chance and Joe who was doubtful of our relationship…

I should have asked for advice..right? But noooooooooo…i did nothing of the sort. Instead i

told the soldier at the door…You would never love this child. You would resent him. And you

would think he would come between us. I can't do it to him. Besides there are not feelings

left…just hope now..and I am sure this soon to be doctor…would help us more. Terry you may

die..and if i let go of this man…then i will have no one…Do you see how fatalistic and terrified

of life I was…guys? Do you see how negative i thinking i was? Where was my faith..the faith

i had that kept me going and strong as when i was a teen?


So the soldier boy…left my porch..and i was heartbroken…and sooooo confused…Did i do

the right thing? Make the right choice? How does one know,

In the meantime…my dad got worse..and worse…one night we all went to see dad before

exploratory surgery…the doctor said…i have made a terrible mistake..your dad didn't get

proper exrays…for we finally found the problem. His previous gall bladder surgery…caused

an adhesion…which is an overgrowth of scar invaded a nearby intestion..and closed

it off almost entirely! What we gasped…he has been in serious pain…and all i have been giving

him was Tums. What???? We were both angry and horrified..we wanted to scream at him…but

instead we ran to Dads room…and looked at his frail body..which lost so much weight cause

he couldn't eat nothing but liquids…

My Dad was hopeful although so white..with no color..he said..i can eat again..Lauren..i can

You can cook for me..would you cook for me honey? What do you want Dad…he said..applesauce

pancakes..and lasagna..we laughed..a little..that was the last time i saw him…it was

bitter sweet cause he also recalled how for years..we weren't close…he sounded

so unhappy…i thought Dad..don't talk like that before you go into surgery…stay happy and

positive.. it was if some deep sadness gripped him before he died…

My mom and him were never close and his addictions separated us..but at that moment i loved

my dad deeply and wanted to reconcile…I never got the chance…cause he died right after


We were all scattered like lost sheep in the hospital corridors…weeping and wailing. I kept

calling for …"Daddy Daddy my Daddy's dead"

It was so odd no one consoled me. The doctor just sedated me cause i was hysterical.


Not only did i not have a chance to have a relationship with my dad..but his last actions

to me were sour. Only the talk of cooking for him is what i remember …and it alone was

sweet. I hope finally he sees me as a loving daughter.


Well, its fall of 69…all his friends were partying up good and all of them were in college…

free love was floating around…drugs…but my fiance and I were in a bubble of our own

making…away from the chaos..of the war, rioting, civil liberty marches…my Dad is dead

mom is kinda depressed cause now she has a house which she can't afford anymore

and I was ready to loose the only change for a marriage and a father ot my

illigitimate child. The blood father was somewhere in Vietname…i heard…and had no plans

of visiting us…or helping finanacially causea you remember

he thought…this couldn't be my child…i hardly had anything to do with her…he told my sister..

I talked with His sister and she said…He thinks that you would tell your child that

he died in Vietnam..and that's the story he remembered. but even years later when i went to

see his family…they said..better stay away from him…he is still messed up from the war…

So, I guess  they wouldn't even tell him I visited.

At least that's what i think they did. When my boy was finally an adult he never pursued 

looking for His Dad … cause he thought why feel rejected again…Even recently i thought

honey look for your dad…it might be a good thing…He still


Getting back to the story… pre-med school was over and my fiance made a choice to be

a dentist. So since his parents didn't approve , and the draft board was breathing down

his heels…since he would leave and i might not see him again…between his fear of the draft ..

.his parents…and not picking the right school in time to accept him…we made the leap to

run off and get married. Oh..haste makes waste…it was disasterous…


As the war raged on, as his parents fumed at what they thought was our living together…as free

love was taking its toll around town in vineral disease and broken hearts…as more and more

guys were being drafted and slowly filtered over to be killed by the Viet Cong…riots and

marches..and picketing floundered on. What a mess our streets couldn't turn on the

news without seeing poor hippie being hit on the head..or some civil rights marcher being

washed down with a power hose. What a terrible world…first JFK.. then Bobby the president's

senator brother…then Martin Luther King Jr. then my dad in 67…what the (blank) is going on?

Is Armageddien next?


Readers…you have to believe me…it was pure madness back then…and i believe that is why

people smoked so much dope…it all seemed so hopeless…its like what is happening now

there is a strong similarity…except for one GLARING DIFFERENCE..GENERALLY SPEAKING








So visitors to my blog…perhaps…that man chasing me in the car…that fateful night was

not wearing a mask at all…and it wasn't a man but a fallen angel…or demon…or both. If

anything…he was a prophecy of the darkness coming…and my pregnancy was not the

worst thing that could have happened to this sweet Catholic girl.

Till next time.


Part 1: My life in the late 60’s-70’s & the Spiritual Charismatic Movement

God help me write this true story.


Dear readers…I am now going to be very honest with you. This is the true story of how I came

to Christ and the events that lead up to it.

The sixties was a very maddening time.  Besides that horrendous war in Viet Nam, there came

with it a fear of being drafted which permeated every dating relationship. Most women were

doubtful of the truth of why they were being asked to be married. Fear of deceit and whether

or not they should wait for them to return since they thought they might just be waiting for

completely different man to come back. So many soldiers despaired over there. I was told

by one soldier that many of them used marijuana  and other drugs while over there to

soothe themselves. Many came back very broken to which a large number of Viet Nam vets 

continued to use drugs even after the war too…they feared that too.


Now at home there was no real stability in the general moral populace, that I saw. If

there was hope in the world i didn't see it from my angle. And years later my

suppositions seemed to be right in recalling the whole time of the sixties.


 And what's with this sexual revolution that was seeming to be happening

There were oftimes  some men at every job my mom and I had…the men were more like sexual

predators and there were no legal

guidelines at work to protect us from sexual harassment. This kind of attitude toward women

was prevelant..for men were being influenced by women of a looser character to spread that

thought…so that even innocent women felt victim to their voracious apetites.


There was a  beginning of a deteriorating of family life through divorce, teenage rebelliousness,

drugs, promiscuity, adultery and what the hippies called "free love." There was nothing free about

it …for out of that movement came , disenchantment with long lasting

relationships, broken heartedness, venereal diseases and what I believe was the aids virus.


I was from a family of five…mom and dad both Italian Catholic. Dad wasn't much of a lovey

dovey" present" father…he gambled a bit and was always fighting with my mom..or should i say

she was nagging at him to become a better husband and father cause he spent his money

foolishly. He was a good and hard worker but had a hard time finding painting contracting

jobs. It was "seasonal" boy did i hear that alot. Just like today with all the temporary job market..


My sister got married at 17,  and after a few years was already having her first child by the time

my brother was at UCLA.   

But then things started to change…Mom seemed to have changed toward Dad and us.

She had started slowly to first break down in early sixties with a mental collapse

for she was carrying the whole load of working for us. Her absence from

the house in the hospital made my dad repent of his bad behavior.

I had to take care of mom emotially at 16 through graduation age during that time  so I

didn't have the normal life most teenage girls have in high school. I had never had a date.

I wasn't even asked to the prom.


I was quiet at school cause of the pain in my heart at home for so many years. I never

even wanted to remind my dad to come to my graduation for I feared him

putting on a scene cause of his temper.  I  was still so innocent and naive by the time I was

graduating  in 1963. I was going to the Catholic church once in a while and got all my

sacraments. I considered myself a good girl and kept myself pure.

Dad finally got a  good creative job working at universal  and working on the Batman TV

series. sets . He came home happy and fulfilled. Life was better than it ever was.


Then my world fell apart. first my mom became a different person that I knew. She went from a

depressed wife despondent and exhausted to a fervent in prayer,worship , Pentecostal acting

and Jesus loving fanatic. I was a quiet God fearing Catholic kid. I never knew of such

behavior nor did I see it on TV.  She listened to Christian radio continually and would pull

me into her bedroom and say listen to this..or show me some scripture from the bible. I didn't

know it then but there was something happening in the religious world. Many people were

starting to feel called by God to go back to their churches that they went to as a child. Others, my

mom said were feeling a pull from God through the radio. People having dreams and miraculous

experiences in own homes…not in the church pews. People were finding spiritual fulfillment

through reading scriptures…and even in the Catholic church there was a movement going

on called the Charismatic movement of the Holy Spirit.  All this talk eluded me…cause

i wasn't listening to any of it.


Once , when i was going out with some friends to party…she said..she was praying for me

to not go and to stay home …I just got mad at her and said be quiet I don't want to hear any

more of this talk..I don't know you anymore..who are you..and slammed the door.


The next few months in college was so much fun…so many cute guys…new friends..the

interesting classes. I loved the theater arts class and hung around some hippie types.

I didn't do drugs but i thought they were fun. I was getting good grades too. One guy even

asked me to be one of the homecoming girls to sit on the float. Wow.


Then suddenly everything changed…i felt like my world was collapsing. First the counselor at

school yelled at me for wearing long pants for it didn't match the criteria for the dress code.

She called me weird names like I was a hippie…a hippie whats that…i just like to wear black

pants..I rebelled and got mad so i dropped out of all my classes…except my

dancing class. Dumb huh…but that was the spirit of those days …a sense of not wanting to

be told what to do. The "establishment" was stupid to us kids…in those days…we knew

better..we would change the world..with our own way of doing things…But thinking back..nobody

every had any plans of change in mind..yet.


The next thing was guys started asking me to marry them…I mean alot. I was so ignorant of what

was behind it. Darn where were my parents…they were in their own world.

Then Martin Luther, JFK, Bobby Kennedy was shot. We thought there would be all out world

war 3 that week. We were all crying that day..and at the end of the day…we went to bed exhausted

and fitfully worried. My brother then yells down the hallway to all of us in the throws of going to

sleep. I was drafted today. All the lights went back on and we stayed up a while talking and

crying over him. But mom had faith…she said God will take care of us… Geesh…where

does she get off talking like that..he might die now…Just when things were starting to get

better…Where is God in all of this mess?


I didn't know it but my mom was praying for me constantly while I was attending college, doing

plays and dating.During this time my mom was preaching to my dad constantly. He was

really changing…so whatever this religion my mom got was…it was helping my dad. My

brother finished his tour…but not in Nam. My mom prayed for him to be safe..and suddenly

they shipped him to the Panama Canal..and there he stayed for the remainder of his service

time…mmmm…that is the second miraculous thing that happened!


During this time I dated one guy for several years on and off amongst others..Let's call him

Alphie . I always was  keeping to my Catholic vow to stay pure till I was 21. Why not till married. I don't remember I just made

it till then.Things were good and i didn't want to disappoint my severely strict dad too.


Right before i turned 21….I was with a guy in a band named Pete…he was

different from the other guys..kind and quiet and sweet. He seemed to not be into drugs like

them. That night at a party i told him i wanted to leave cause of the wildness…he started talking

to me in a serious way. He said..why are you here? You are a good girl not like the others.

I told him i wanted some fun. I told him I wanted to meet know. I still wasn't getting

the warnings. He asked me if I believed in God. I said yes. He do you know God

exists? I stammered in my reply and just say…well…I believe because of creation. Look at the

stars and the sun and moon and doesn't just get up there by itself…all this beauty

God made…thats why…but i never talked to him about  my church or the sacraments or Christ.

Cause I didn't know at that time. Well I never saw Pete again after that. He died the next day

in a motorcycle accident. I pondered about that…thinking…I hope he went to heaven. Gosh

i was the last person to talk to him about his question…i hope he's ok…God…help Pete…help

him get to heaven. Then i thought about my own soul for a few days…but then again went

back to my old lifestyle of ignoring God.


My life completely change when it was the night of my 21st birthday…

oh if i could have gotten that night naive and foolish i was to put myself in

jeopardy that night. But with no warnings and no teachings from my mom…she tried..

remember i didn't want to hear it. It was four years that i had fell away from going to church.

I wasn't very spiritual. I had some warnings.

This boy I told you of earlier..Alfie…was secretly drafted and didn't tell me.. He was was at my

party and acting strange toward me. He was talking cheaply to me and wanting me to break my

vow that night. I told him….if you are finally interested in marrying me then why don't you call me

more. He said..he would and started getting amorous with me. I was mislead by his phony

charm and he attempted to press the issue, if you know what i mean. I resisted with all my

might succeeded in getting away from him. I drove home devastated. I had never gotten into

such a compromising position like that. I lost all respect for him, and myself…why would

he treat me this way..unless i am becoming cheap myself?


The next month brought such misery. I went to confirm a fear of mine that lead me to believe

i was pregnant…i wanted to die from shame when the doctor said..congratulations you

are pregnant. Tell your husband the good news. I had lied and told them i was married.

Thats what you did in those days…to protect you from be ostracized.


When i told Alfie..he said…."Its your problem."

I pushed him against the wall and said.."aren't

you going to marry me…He said no. Feel sorry for me I am going to Viet Nam and will

probably die!" The rejection and despair on both of our parts was palpable. I felt so

overwhelmed , lost and afraid. I rushed out sobbing and angry at him. He left and disappeared

out of our lives after that. He only came once to see the baby but that was it.


"Can this life be any worse?" I moaned. Yes , it did get worse…I started contemplating

suicide…one night in the first months of my pregnancy i went to a bar by myself and just sat

there..i didn't really party..just listened to the music ..i was bored and depressed so i started

to leave..some guy there that i saw from time to time..said hey give me a ride home ok?

I wasn't thinking or protective of myself …so i drove him home. When we got up on the hill area

of his home..he said i left my car here…just lets talk seem depressed..So stupidly i

parked with him in a dark place. i must have been under a spell..or so it seemed…to my foolish

brain that he seemed nice. Then he went from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hide. It was happening all

over a again…the assault…being pawed at…I got so mad..i kicked him out of the car.

I wept so bitterly after he left and felt so dirty and worthless ..that i began to think…that's it

i quit..what am i living for this kind of this all men think about..whats more is this what

they think of me? I am just a looser…so i started to move the car at the edge of the cliff.

Just then a feeling of great evil came over my whole body like i was transported into a feeling of

a haunted house movie..such an evil…i can't even explain…Is this what suicidal people feel

well i want no part of it. But as i drove backward…away from that spot the evil followed my

spirit. I started to drive to the top of parking light where the lights were and i still felt it. I looked

around but there was no one.


Suddenly a car was behind me..a sport car…was it the guy's car that i dropped off? How could

i know …i am not getting out of my car.

This car then quickly starting seeming very evil too…like it was some sort of killing machine.

I started banging my bumper. I drove quickly away. it caught up with me. It drove on the

outer part of the street trying to force my car over the cliff. What? Is he going to kill me?

He probably thinks i am going to the police and have him arrested..that's  it. Or so I thought

it was him.

He followed me down the hills and highways as I sped off. Where were the police when

you need them. Not only were there no police cars but no cars at all..and it was only around

11 or so. This night doesn't make anysense. I thought it was very twilight zone. Or something

from a horror movie.

Finally he trapped me into small bridge area…i couldn't go forward . Something inside of me

said..stop and pray…pray i haven't' prayed in years. I prayed..God help me..then i had

the sudden realization that i had another life inside me and it gave me courage to

save us both.  I saw i was running out of gas and I touched the car's dashboard and said.

.come on baby you can do this.

He reved his engine… several times..for me to look at him..i didn't want to.

But i then did. Now what i tell you is quite fantastic..but it is utterly true…

When i looked at him …he was neither the man i dropped off…nor even any normal human

person i have seen on this earth. He looked like …pure and simply put….a demon. His hair

sticking out from his head..his eyes bulging…and his teeth sharp and long and shaped in

wicked menacing grin…


I am telling you the truth.  I got the idea to pretend to back up while he followed my lead..i drove

out of that tight squeeze and onward to home. As i reached the end of the journey i saw a police

car down at the bottom of the hill almost to my house. I honked to them to follow me..they did

into a parking lot. They searched me suddenly thinking i was on drugs..but i kept saying

i am being chased by a madman for miles and miles.

They said young lady..we have been watching you on radar all those miles and there has

only been one light on it…yours…You are just making this story up.

They never ticketed me that night and followed me home safely. They knew i was sober but

didn't understand my story.


When i got home and shut the door behind me …i never was so relieved.

I sunk down to the ground and breathed a sigh of relief. My mother mother's voice

was heard …through the bedroom…"Lauren, is that you honey, I have been so worried about

you …i was praying for you all night."

Just then i felt such a grateful love for my mom..who kept me safe through

her prayers… Prayers? Why am I so grateful…am I finally

believing in God like she does?

I told her…I " am never going back to that bar  again."

I am going to find a nice man to marry so you won't worry anymore….ok? Ok …

i am  so glad you are home safe.  For some reason i was so anxious tonight

for you.

 Now you might ask yourself  about this mountain chase story that I told you.

i  too have often  asked myself several questions. Like: He wasn't a demon

demons are visable…are they? Perhaps he just had a mask.

 Maybe he is some sick person that scares people with it. Or why didn't I

pursue prosecute that young man that attacked you?

Cause I really believed it was demonic. That these fallen angels really do exist

and they sometimes manifest themselves to humans.

As for the prosecuting part…women never did do that that much…cause

in those days cause you felt..who would believe your story…

especially if you chose to be  at a bar and then deciding to driving

somewhat of a stranger home? See what I mean.


  As for God preaching at me..I wasn't as resistant in the months that

followed…i listened to her but with more patience.

But i still didn't want nothing to do with her lifestyle and i sure didn't want

to act the way she does. I did love her dearly throughout those turbulent years of the 60's. 


After this aweful and most enlightening night things started to change even

more radically…but for the good.

Last note for now….that night proved to me beyond a doubt that there was a hell

and demons. ForI felt an evil  like I had never felt before or since.

 And to me it said loads…to the fact that if there is an evil

like that..then there must be an opposite place…

a heaven, a God and….glorious angels!


Thanks so much for listening dear ones. Please stay with me as we go to part 2 .

Until then,