A Dream I had recently in the second week of October 2023.

Greetings to first time visitors to my website. As you can tell I am not too active on it but this dream was very short but definitely a mindblower.

Now the first week of October in the news was horrific. Hamas government and militants instigated a surprise attack on the Southern border of Israel near the Gaza strip. I read about the – Kibbutz Re’im those community residents in that vicinity that were suddenly being massacred.

About three miles from Gaza, Israeli rescue workers discovered more than 100 bodies from that Kibbutz population. That was when it first happened. Now they discovered more. They attacked a music festival, killing at least 260 people and abducting others. Even as i write this there are many other hostages being held. But as of this January 1200.

God has his ways of pulling us in for prayer and it seems for many including my self he sends me a dream.

In the dream a mighty looking angel is standing in my room at the bottom of my bed.

He is very tall man and beautiful . I say man cause i have never seen an angel. I say no wings or weapons. But instinctively i knew it was an angel. I felt peace and no fear. He stood there for a minute and then walked around to my side of the bed. I still felt no fear. He spoke no words. Then he knelt down on his right knee. His hands were to his side, but his face leaned in closer to my face…like he was going to speak to me. His eyes were staring at mine. He was serious but not angry. His visit seemed urgent.

Now what puzzled me besides no words was his glorious chest. It looked like armor. Heavenly armor. The platelets within his chest seemed kind of embedded. In between the platelets of armor one could see glorious holy light emanating outward. I watched the glowing piercing light coming out. I could tell that light protected him. I know the power source was Jesus who is the light of the world.

Then i woke up. Now what was that about.

I knew a war was going on overseas but I also know all war effects the whole world negatively especially if we who are far away don’t do anything about it. I knew instinctively that angel was coming to me to tell me to pray.

That my dear friends , is a message for you and everyone on the planet. There is power in prayer and the church militant on earth have got to get that message.

Pray and fast for peace. Peace in our homes, communities, nation and the world.

Also God reminds us all things are possible..and Jesus said, before he went up to heaven…all

power has been given to me. Now I give you that power of prayer , if you pray according to my will and the teachings of the bible. Now with that armor on you YOU CAN EXERCISE GREAT FAITH BY PRAYING IN MY NAME.

Dear ones, we can send angels to help our families. We can pray and send angels to whisper in the ear of

our president, our officials in our neighborhoods or wherever there is danger. that includes foreign countries where there is war. Just pray as if you are praying for your kids or spouse. What would you want for them if they were under attack, physical or spiritual.

There are tons of books or internet sites on how to pray. But, start with the Lords Prayer. Psalms 23, 91 and check out and declare….2nd Chronicles 7:14. That’s a promise. and God doesn’t lie.

Recently Holy Spirit spoke to me. He said, try to paint what you saw. I said, why?

He said…”Hang it up wherever you go!” Then He told me more that when people ask, who painted that…you say, I did in order to help me remember that God commissions angels to help us in many ways. Tell the your niece and nephew too. When I get home, God willing, I show others too.

So that’s a new gift God is giving me to remember my dreams when it concerns faith, love and the bible. Pray for my gift of drawing and painting too. lol.

I am not very good at drawing but i’m trying to be obedient. Papa likes my paintings. After all all good daddies should make a fuss over their kids artwork. Right?

P.S. I’ll try to post my picture when its done.


Mama Lauren

Memoirs, Journals Diaries and Notebooks of Ones life’s Memories.

Hello. If you have found my Faith and song card that i gave you. Good. If you opened my website link even better. I do want to leave some footprint behind for the better. Welcome to my world.

I am 77 years old and heading toward 80. What do I have to show for the fulfilling of my purpose on earth so far? I have set goals and failed to start or complete them. But one thing I know for sure for “…being confident of this that the one will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus!” Philippians 1:6.

Wow. I am leaning hard into that PROMISE! Thank you Lord.

I wanted to jump on my website and talk to you about something that has been on my mind.

Getting old can be hard physically but also mentally…not because of becoming forgetful and tired, but more so- because we have been around a long time and have seen a lot and sometimes can overwhelm us with how bad things are getting in the world. I have lived through birthing children, marriage, educational institutions, church involvement, dance and music performance, different ministries in and out of church settings, good and bad relationships, wars, rioting in the streets, disease, loss, overwhelming grief. But along with that list i have experiences so many moments of joy, elations, great surprises, wonderful revelations about life and God and tons of miracles small and huge ones!

I have so much to tell my family and friends of my real experiences, some of which may blow their mind and they might say…Mom never told me that! Wow.They will either be shocked…or elated. Either way i will be known. I now remember in heaven it says we will be known as we have been known(referring to earth).Woah, that may be a very good thing, a boring thing or a horrendous thing.

But we all need to leave a mark on the earth before we this lovely leave terra ferma. The earth is so incredible the way God created it. But man on the other hand has done some terrible things to it.

I now feel that I need to write my memoir.

I believe every parent or grandparent should leave behind a memoir for their kids. It can be in a loose leaf binder , a booklet or a book. It can be, hopefully, such a healing experience for them to read after we are gone. We all need to feel like we are part of something no matter how big or small, whether about our family, a career, a business you love, or working in someone else’s vision or dream goal or business. Maybe leaving this remembrance of your life can even a helpful positive roadmap for their future. If not for your kids or family. Leave it for the world…who are your extended human family.

Beloveds– start now. Keep a journal today.

Love, Lauren Williamson MamaMiaLove

Did I Have a Prophetic Dream?

On Christmas day 2019, I started feeling awful. The next day I had a terrible stomach ache.

I got very sick. No vomiting but just the runs. This lasted a week. Then my husband got it. Then it went

from the stomach to my whole body. Fatigue, fever sinus infection and no appetite. By now, it was beginning of Januray 2020.

My geriatric doctor said…”stay home. You are safer there. There is a strange virus at the hospital and

we don’s know what it is.”

She just gave me a Z pack. After two weeks I got better. My husband wasn’t as sick as me and got better

naturally with vitamins, aromatherapy, vaporizers, fresh orange juice and cold remedies.

But what i want to tell you is that I heard some strange elocutions during my worst times of this illness like: “Its going to be hell on earth and many elderly will die.” Then I had a terrible dream of me standing on the shore and seeing a very

colorful dragon coming toward the shores of beautiful marinas. I was running up and down the coast

of California, (I assumed this cause I lived there at the time of the dream).

No one listened to me…they kept eating and drinking and partying aboard the larger boats. I think it was a cruise ship. But there were smaller sailing boats too. I also kept saying to the people in the boats…”get out the boats and come inland!”

Then my husband said…you need to go back to the shore and keep warning them. So in the dream

he grabbed some family members and brought them safely inland digging what looked like some sort of well. But he kept saying, “Go back and warn them.”

So because our lease was up inland…we went back to the shore to pray over it and warn people

to come to Jesus. Its the safest place to be …in the boat with Christ. He can calm any storm at sea

in our lives!

Looking back it was a prophetic dream of the future. Many did die…and many elderly too. So tragic.

I kept walking up and down the pier praying for the shores of America and beyond.

The virus did come from across the sea…many got sick, many died, many lost their jobs, many families fought over different opinions, the economy went down, fighting on the internet between strangers and

a general malaise and depression fell over the whole world.

Politics came to be at the forefront of our conversations. People were fearful and overly cautious of one another. Laughter vanished from the streets, many stores closed down and mom and pop shops too. Sadly, children stayed inside, elderly were fearful and hid in their homes…and it was hard to visit sick and dying loved ones and friends….because of the lockdown and hospital restrictions. It was “HELL ON EARTH!”

When i dream i don’t dismiss warning dreams like this…but i pray more ferverently.

If you follow Jesus, read your bible and attend church but basically live for Christ and love your neighbor…then you too, most likely will begin prophetically dreaming. Pray that the enemy of your soul does not rob you of remembering your dreams, that is, if its God’s will. Make a dream journal beloveds of Christ. God speaks to us, comforts us and warns us through dreams prophetically. (Reference Joel Chapter 2, and Acts Chapter 2).

Peace/Shalom be with you all.

Mama Lauren

Miracle of the Mysterious Nurse

Hi, I am working on a book at present and listing some of the bigger miracles in my life. Here

is one that is a doosey.

When my youngest, Joseph, was 14 months old he came down with what i thought was the

flu and an earache. I asked my mom to help be watch over him so i could get a little sleep, but

suddenly during the night she woke me up and said…

“Lauren, he has taken a turn for the worse. I don’t think its just a flu.”

So we both took Joseph to the doctors.

As soon as we got into the doctors office,

he said…”Your baby is dying, he has menigitis!”

“What?” I practically screamed it out. The hospital was on the next short block

so we walked him down very fast into the emergency room. I am so glad i had my mom with me for support. The doctor took him in immediately to give him a spinal tap. I wasn’t allowed in there. I couldn’t imagine how my baby felt with all strange faces looking at him, working on him and holding him down. It was so terrifying for him…going from one room to another too and I wasn’t able to hold him or explain to him. I just had to pace in the waiting room. Finally my husband arrived…and was so upset. He said…what happened? He just had an earache?

I could barely speak cause was continually frozen in fear. I did this for several days. Then the little miracles started happening.

Once i went home for an hour to rest and pray. But as soon as i laid down…the bed shook. It literally shook!

I said, to my guardian angel, “Alright, alright, I’ll go back!” I just knew it was God warning me to go back to the hospital!

Then another little miracle…. A dear lady in the waiting room prayed for me. I wept in her arms…she said, i understand because my child is paralyzed from this baby meningitis. Oh no…she is comforting me

while she is suffering so much.

Then the doctor came out again and said…we have him on several medications and its dangerous. We

must find the right one quickly….and his brain is filling up with spinal fluid. He said, two things are in

your favor. If you had brought him in sooner i would have sent him home saying he has the flu. But

you came in just in time. Second thing is most babies fontanels are closed up by 14 months but his

fissures were still separated…allowing the fluid to swell up above his head…and we went in and

saw the small balloon like brain tissue filled with fluid- rising up on the top of his baby cranium. The

terrible thing was he could not have much liquids because he would cause brain damage. Only a little ice was given. So I called more friends to pray.

Then the miracles increased as my husband and i kept asking church after church to pray for

little Joe.

Here’s another miracle…

While he was in pediatrics and we were waiting for more results…a woman came in with

a child that had swallowed some toxic liquid. I was resting on my cot at the bottom of my sons bed.

She suddenly came over to my side of the room, grabbed my bible and said, what are you doing? You must get up and read…get up and read your bible. God told me the devil was trying to kill your baby.

Now i know why this happened with my child. He is fine but your baby is in trouble. Now get up and read.

I told her i hadn’t slept in days…i am exhausted. Doesn’t matter, she insisted.

So i asked…where…in the bible…she said…it doesn’t matter…its all holy…So i started to read in some familiar places I liked. I could barely stand.


Then on another night like ten days later…a huge problem happened…they finally found the correct medicinal dosage but he was dehydrated and his veins collapsed. Several nurses where in the room with the doctor and my husband. I was shaking in the corner. I said, i cant take this i have to go to the chapel to pray so i grabbed the Godmother and we ran downstairs to pray.

The chapel was full and some moms were weeping. I felt like it was perhaps was an epidemic. Back then, there were no cures. It was called H-Flu…a form of meningitis for very young children. I heard later, many died, were paralyzed by it or became permanently mentally disabled.

Then as Eileen knelt and prayed with me, I heard a STILL SMALL VOICE SAY, “Pray this way…Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!” I said it over and over and over. Then, after 10 minutes or so… the same voice said.

“He’s fine now go back upstairs.”

We did and when we entered the room, everything was quiet with only one nurse there fixing his IV.

I said, “Where is my husband? Where are the doctors and other nurses?”

She cocked her head and slowly responded, “Well, that’s just it, it was the darndest thing…a nurse, that I don’t know said…”Can i help? She was calm and seemed so knowledgeable and patient. We were so stressed. We told her the problem and she said…I am very good with needles. Then she put an infant size needle in your sons temple…and the medicine went right in.”

She finished up and said, now he has fluids and medicine.

I asked, “May i know the nurse’s name so i can thank her?”

She said…”That’s just it…no body knows who she is. We never saw her before on this floor!”

This story is the truth. She was either an angel or a real nurse that God sent.

Either way it was a huge miracle that saved my son’s life. Thank you Lord! And God

bless that servant of the Lord, Saint or Angel.


Mama Lauren