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What is true Beauty by MamaMiaLove

Dear Ones,

How is your beauty quotient? I mean what do you base beauty on…inner or outer visuals and thoughts? Do you contemplate beauty? Do you seek after it? In what form? Forms?

I went to a Andrea Bocelli concert recently…it was titled Passione! Passion for what I first asked myself. I am done with passion for one person or even my children…I seem to get myself into trouble worrying, praying and thinking about them all the time. I thought….I want passion in general. I want to be passionate for life! Loving everyone not just my kids. I have room in my heart for the love of many children and and adults too.j

We all need love and are so stingy with it at times.

When I felt the music going into my soul and mind…it released childhood memories…of dancing to Nutcracker Suite by Tchiakowski waltz of the flowers precisely…how I used to dance to the music with wild abandon, when I was alone in a room. The music was so stunning…so poignant to where my life is right now…a yearning to travel…to get in touch with my roots…to sing to dance…but I thought how can I capture beauty doing something that I have no money , time or energy to obtain…but no…it went into my soul like osmosis….I trembled with delight…looking at various times at my grandson of 15 whom I enjoy being with…I noticed that he a mere youth, loved these classical opera arias even more than the pop singers that sang with Bocelli…we both were blown away.

I walked away with memories rushing into my mind as a child getting up early in the morning and hearing my Italian American dad play Verdi and Puccini on the turntable. Hours before I left to school.

He seemed to need it to carry on with the demands of the day as a painting contractor…sometimes driving 50 minutes to do what he had to.

Beauty…started to take root…I actually looked into the mirror when I got home…it was as if I was healed of something dark that robbed me of remembering beauty from my childhood..and a lot of the beauty of my adulthood too.

The day after the concert…I continued to see beauty through listeing to the Italian classic operas…cause that’s what I was familiar with.

as I did…I wept even more…forgave my Dad..cause I finally understood him even more…He wanted to live back east by his mom and dad who came from Italy. He wanted me to learn this music…and fuse it into my soul by playing them over and over…

I was touched forever . I took dancing…art  when I was 18-22. Later in life I went back to sing at the college.

it always was healing and restorative for me…so beautiful.

Oh let beauty be your aim today. It will lift you from your doldrums…especially the classical..find favorites on the internet…and pla them when you are blue…and it will do the trick.


Beauty dear ones…not romance…specifically…but beauty…its different. Romance fits in there…at a point but not in beautys purest form.

I put a poem on the website of beauty too.

Go beauty catching dear ones…its like trying to catch a butterfly…you can’t keep it..just look at it long enough and it will change you.

Hear a bird singing long enough and you will want to sing too.

We have to be careful not to stay away from it too long otherwise we become empty. Its like that scripture in the bible…”without a vision the people perish” Without beauty we become darker, sadder and more hopeless. Surround yourself with beauty today…beautiful writing, song and gardens!

Be touched by music…or  a puppy, person or friend…its all beauty…have fun and drink of it often…to balance your fears, to balance your doubts and your weightiness of your own sins and the offenses of others…

Beauty brings peace and reconciliation …it brings hope and a lifting up of ones souls!