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July 27, 2014 One of those nights when i couldn’t sleep…and was inspired to write: “Reveal”

How come we have such pride in what we are not inside?

It was grace that my heart was taught.

From the time I walked any time I sing,

it was God that showed  me everything.

You are all wisdom eternal,  try me Lord and see-

I cannot make up anything, unless it matched with your offering.


Try me and see if there is anything good in me…

For my  heart would not choose anything good,

the closest comes to when I care for the brotherhood

and my own young is where i see the little good in me.

I am powered by your grace- fueled by a love that would embrace

all of me, though I be such a foolish soul as me.

Now,  I repent and turn away of all those things that are made of clay-

away from things that make you frown:  that turn this world upside down.

Help me be your little lamb, pure in heart and pure in plan .

Let me be like you Lord- fully seen, fully poured out with joy,

laid out clean- like your newborn girl or boy.