Did I Have a Prophetic Dream?

On Christmas day 2019, I started feeling awful. The next day I had a terrible stomach ache.

I got very sick. No vomiting but just the runs. This lasted a week. Then my husband got it. Then it went

from the stomach to my whole body. Fatigue, fever sinus infection and no appetite. By now, it was beginning of Januray 2020.

My geriatric doctor said…”stay home. You are safer there. There is a strange virus at the hospital and

we don’s know what it is.”

She just gave me a Z pack. After two weeks I got better. My husband wasn’t as sick as me and got better

naturally with vitamins, aromatherapy, vaporizers, fresh orange juice and cold remedies.

But what i want to tell you is that I heard some strange elocutions during my worst times of this illness like: “Its going to be hell on earth and many elderly will die.” Then I had a terrible dream of me standing on the shore and seeing a very

colorful dragon coming toward the shores of beautiful marinas. I was running up and down the coast

of California, (I assumed this cause I lived there at the time of the dream).

No one listened to me…they kept eating and drinking and partying aboard the larger boats. I think it was a cruise ship. But there were smaller sailing boats too. I also kept saying to the people in the boats…”get out the boats and come inland!”

Then my husband said…you need to go back to the shore and keep warning them. So in the dream

he grabbed some family members and brought them safely inland digging what looked like some sort of well. But he kept saying, “Go back and warn them.”

So because our lease was up inland…we went back to the shore to pray over it and warn people

to come to Jesus. Its the safest place to be …in the boat with Christ. He can calm any storm at sea

in our lives!

Looking back it was a prophetic dream of the future. Many did die…and many elderly too. So tragic.

I kept walking up and down the pier praying for the shores of America and beyond.

The virus did come from across the sea…many got sick, many died, many lost their jobs, many families fought over different opinions, the economy went down, fighting on the internet between strangers and

a general malaise and depression fell over the whole world.

Politics came to be at the forefront of our conversations. People were fearful and overly cautious of one another. Laughter vanished from the streets, many stores closed down and mom and pop shops too. Sadly, children stayed inside, elderly were fearful and hid in their homes…and it was hard to visit sick and dying loved ones and friends….because of the lockdown and hospital restrictions. It was “HELL ON EARTH!”

When i dream i don’t dismiss warning dreams like this…but i pray more ferverently.

If you follow Jesus, read your bible and attend church but basically live for Christ and love your neighbor…then you too, most likely will begin prophetically dreaming. Pray that the enemy of your soul does not rob you of remembering your dreams, that is, if its God’s will. Make a dream journal beloveds of Christ. God speaks to us, comforts us and warns us through dreams prophetically. (Reference Joel Chapter 2, and Acts Chapter 2).

Peace/Shalom be with you all.

Mama Lauren

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