New Song- “Jesus I Trust in You.” & an Old song: “Made in the Image of God.”

Hi everyone.

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Please listen to this short song. Jesus I Trust in You. It was inspired from Divine Mercy Chaplet song for it is said 3 times at the end of the Chaplet. I made it a single if you just want to sing along to it on and off through the day. The long chaplet can be prayed wherever you go whether walking and praying

either on Bluetooth in the car or washing dishes too.

Note: Just a reminder of a previously posted song: “Made in the Image of God.” Please take the time to listen to my prolife Song: Made in the Image of God. This song is very special to me and to all young mothers. The true story is: I was in the hospital in labor for my third child Joseph. The doctor said

we have to perform a caesarean. When it came time to lift him out of the womb…the doctor and

nurses were amazed that he was holding on for dear life. He didn’t want to budge and was crying very

loudly. But they were finding that very funny and laughting. I said. Please everyone, my baby is

upset he needs to be calmed down. So i began singing this lullaby of love that i sang to him for months while i carried him. I asked them to be still and i began to sing to him. He immediately recognized

my voice and the song and calmled down . Everyone sighed and said Awe, he recognizes you.

He was at peace and knew it was okay to let his baby fingers go of me.

Well needly to say i recorded it for other mothers to hear…especially mothers that are scared and need more loving support for their future ahead. I

I always give away this song free.

I would love it if you pass on this song to Pregnancy Heath Care Centers anyway you can.

**** I can help you spread the song around in an easy way. I can send you business cards with the QR code on it which is easier that passing out CD’s and less costly.

You can then pass out the business cards to any pregnant mothers that are indecisive on

having their babies. Ultrasounds are a wonderful way to show mothers their babies and

add to that- music that can move a mother to consider there’s more at stake and how

spiritually important it is to either keep ones baby or get it adopted.

Finally please pray for this song’s success, so we together can save a baby and their parents, one family

at a time.

Send me by my private email any comments or questions you have.

Or if you want my music QR business cards at no cost to you for this particular song please email me on this private email below.

Thank you so much.


Lauren Williamson

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