NEW – The Divine Mercy Chaplet Prayer with Music

Original Music by Lauren Williamson

Vocals: Lauren Williamson and James Phillips

Lead Guitar: James Phillips

Rhythm Guitar: Lauren Williamson

© July 2021

Here is the new original musical version of the old Prayer from the 1900’s of The Divine Mercy Chaplet. This prayer can be used by all Christian Faiths. It contains Biblical truths, common prayers, and intercessions pleading to the Lord to have Mercy on us and on the Whole World. It was created originally through the inspiration of Jesus Christ to the Nun, St. Faustina. I have prayed it for a while now but suddenly desired to start singing it. The Holy Spirit kept giving me melodies for each part, especially for the 5 decades where the song is chanted: “For the sake of His Sorrowful Passion, Have Mercy on us and on the whole world,” which is lovingly repeated. Please give a listen to some of it below. Thank you for letting me share this great prayer / song.


Mama Lauren

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