Hello Everyone. New Projects coming soon: A book, a song and a new ministry.

Dear bambinos, Greetings in the most High Jesus Christ!

Haven’t posted lately so I thought I should.

*As I hand out my single Made in the Image of God based on Psalm 139:14…(Its on Spotify) I am now ….going to pass out another song I wrote some time ago…which will reflect a rally cry…to fight against and rescue child-trafficked and also victims of forced labor. It is called You Are The Lighthouse(coming soon).

*I am also working on a prayer book. First time ever…I am doing this…I started it last year,very impressed by Holy Spirit to write what I have seen and heard…real stuff. Its about answered prayers, true miracle stories and my experience in using scripture in prayer. Don’t know the title yet.

*A children’s book about how I witnessed a miracle with my mom with some children and two butterflies back in the 80’s. No title yet for sharing. Rough draft and editing verses/rhyme . Sketches next with a bit of watercolor splash.

*In the middle of this I have been having dreams of human trafficking. Yes beloved…not in detail, thank God, but enough to break anyone’s heart!

I see in many places…with no names or faces…But God showing me what’s breaking His heart! Scenes in different environments and places…like the back roads of states where no one saw what was happening. Children being transported in trucks, rooms at night even on high school campuses…I even saw a profile of a young woman in a cage…a Cage! I grieved for days…I am still grieving…and How much more our Lord grieves because He sees all things!

Now with my prayers of pro-life I am interceding for children and adults of human slavery…which is SPREADING LIKE WILDFIRE.

No child is safe beloved…be aware, be cautious of your children’s safety.

Pedophiles, groomers, drug and trafficking cartels all work together to not only steal your children’s bodies…but their souls! Charismatic groomers are planted everywhere… even in highschools…even in middleschools. Get involved in your highschools keeping your eyes open as parents…and teach your kids…warning them only to trust legitimate school programs approved by you as parents. And if I were you homeschool your kids if you can but especially as they get older and are in that more rebellious stage.

Pray, fast and get involved in any way possible…But raise awareness now!

I love you all…take care of your loved ones…and especially prepare their souls…for what’s coming upon the earth. Teach them faith in Jesus now.


Mama Lauren


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