A real story & a lullaby for my baby & all babies & a good song to encourage pregnant Moms.

May 10, 2022

Dear bambinos, Greetings in the most High Jesus Christ!

Haven’t posted lately so I thought I should.

*As I hand out my single…a lovely lullaby called ” Made in the Image of God ” based on Psalm 139:14…

I think back on how the song was originally inspired.

The story goes…

When I was carrying my third born son, Joseph it came time to have him delivered by Caesarean section. A strange thing happened. When they opened me up, they found him holding fast to the sides of the walls of my womb. Every time the doctor tried to lift him out he would scream and cry. The nurses and doctors started to laugh. I did not find it funny at all but asked them to be still so i could help by singing to him. They looked at me inquisitively. Then when i started singing…Joseph became very quiet. They couldn’t believe it when I started singing our favorite song. The doctor handed him right to me for a minute while i kept singing. We said, a little prayer over him and the nurses quietly carried him away.

This song worked cause i sang it to him for most of the nine months i carried him. It was our song…and a very comforting and familiar song to his little heart.

So i got this idea to record it and give it out at pregnancy help centers, and to anyone who could share it with pregnant moms everywhere. I have given hundreds of them away but i need to give more.

So pray for me to do so and help give mothers hope and the comfort of knowing they are in the hands of God and that they and their baby were made in God’s image. Psalm 139:14.

I love you all…take care of your loved ones…and especially prepare their souls…for what’s coming upon the earth. Teach them faith in Jesus now.

If your prolife ministry wants to sing this song i have a background tract so that anyone can sing to it.

I also have QR codes for you to pass around free. I do not charge money for this song or any of my other songs.

If you want to reach me here is my personal email: mamamialovesjesus@gmail.com


Mama Lauren Williamson

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