Love is the Answer Album by Lauren Williamson

I am so proud of Love is the Answer a work that took over 5 years. I was helped by Adamos studio engineer Jerry Adamos…a beautiful Christian…and multiple musicians one of which is Kevin Kearney pianist and helped me arrange the songs from my guitar style and renditions. Thank you Jerry and Kevin. Now I have a new song too that I just finished.
Now I am on Spotify and too. God has inspired me to start up again…but hopefully it won’t take me five years to finish this second album. I want to call it…
Made in the Image of God…a song of a mothers love for her child…a song about psalm 139:14. When I starting writing the song…I was carrying my third child. I wanted my child to hear music…a special song just for him. So I began and only wrote the verse…I couldn’t find any more inspiration so laid the song down. Recently I felt Holy Spirit calling me into the living room to pick up the guitar and finish it…it came out so quickly and flowed out of the guitar. Praise God. Thank you Lord for the wonderful surprise. Now back during the time of the C-section on November 10th..the same day as my mother Libby, when it came time to remove him from my womb, the doctor said…your son does not want to separate from you. What? I said, He said…he is literally holding on to your womb!…I said…bring him to me…He was screaming at this point I began to sing the verse…Baby baby within me can you hear me baby baby cause I love you…and so went the song. LO AND BEHOLD HE STOPPED SCREAMING AND WAS PEACEFUL. Then I told the nurse now you can take and clean him up. That was 37 years ago… Now out of the blue God inspires me to finish…now I want to use it to encourage mothers and babies in the womb again and again. May God bless you all. I will post the song soon. Here is the cover for the single….Made In the Image of God!,


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