Three Dreams of Jesus Poem, by MamaMiaLove

December 30 , 2014

Three Dreams of Jesus

I had three dreams of Jesus
The first one by the Marriage Bed
Next one washed by a crystal sea.
The last one where I was a woman/child that played upon his knee, time goes so fast but I remember these dreams given to me.

In the first, I was a woman wanting His touch,
So lonely forgotten and needing so much.
He dressed me in a heavenly white gown
flowing with delicate cloth to the ground.

I passed through double doors into a room
With soft blazing light as he raised his arms to dim the glorious light,

It was the wedding chamber of my prince,
My husband to be. There were flowing window curtains and a bed with a canopy.

When I finally could see his face…I went to him to behold his embrace.
I dropped my shoulder sleeves to show him submission
He just smiled with the warmest expression.
As He was placing my sleeves back into place
And guiding me to a bench in the sweetest embrace, by the marriage bed we sat and gazed at each other instead.
Then he drew me across his knee and dipping me romantically into ecstasy.

The second dream I had I was guided up a dusty road- by angel I suppose.
There was someone walking behind…a figure I knew but a face I could not find.
At first I saw Jesus, on a grass so green
Preaching to the sick, the crippled, and unclean.
I passed Him by, only to find,
Myself within a white mausoleum:
Looking for love, for someone kind?
I was looking for him who my heart longed,
For him whom my heart loved in this room.
In this place I was looking for whom?
When I opened a coffin one corpse said,
“Why are you looking for the living… among the dead?”

Then suddenly I was at a crystal sea
With Jesus washing it’s water over me.
So meticulously he washed, scrubbing each part
Washing me clean right down to my heart.

And then just as quickly, bringing me back to that place,
I knew the man standing by the maseleum-i now see his face.
Jesus made me see, that this man could never love me like He should,
Then holding my face, oh so tenderly he would by…
Tipping his head and smiling at me…
sighed, “I will love you forever”
And in his eyes… I saw eternity.

And in one more dream
I’m going up first a stairway over a bridge,
through a wooden door to sit on a loving Jesus’ knee, cuddling and playing with his face and hair
like a toddler with glee.
There were others there with me
one by one having fun… with such familiarity.
I saw one close friend and just one more-
with childlike spirits coming through the door.

Each one sat upon his knee and played so gleefully.
This place I longed to stay- to dwell -but floating backward I could tell I could not abide.
For it was time to go… He did decide.
Oh, in His arms , oh in that place! I could not reside.

Now… I remember my heavenly father planned for me-through my life, three dreams to see.
For both the woman and child in me.
To live. To grow. To be.
This is the Father’s love for me.

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